Sharing insights on topics which pique my interest, done so in 10/15 lines and occasional essays on:

  • My research and development of advanced STEM/deep technology
  • study life at City University, London, &
  • personal development experiments.

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Technology inventor, entrepreneur and science enthusiast, constantly challenging industries set in their old ways.

What am I doing right now?

1: Studying BSc Computer Science @City University, London.
2: Advanced STEM focused research and development solutions to computer programing, technology hardware and electronics industry. @GDN Intelligence.
3: Financial modelling for technology advances with a venture capital fund.

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Being at the unique 1% of the UK population

The logic of the double or triple threat. If you want to possess extraordinary skill, you have two paths:

  1. Become the best at one specific thing.
  2. Become very good (top 20%) at two or more things.

The first strategy is difficult to the point of near impossibility. Few people will ever invent the next Apple or make a platinum album.

The second strategy is fairly easy. Everyone has at least a few areas in which they could be in the top 20% with some effort.

In my case, I have been working on the following 5 skills:

Primary skills:

  1. Research and development of advanced STEM products/services. (Top 20%) [Link]
    • R&D in robotics within the construction industry (Top 5%) [Link]
  2. Bring together young and senior entrepreneurs and pioneers of science. (Top 15%) [Link]
  3. Grasp of industry innovation trends across the global marketplace. (Top 10%) [Link]

Secondary skills

  1. Understanding venture capital industry (Top 25%) [Link]
  2. Storytelling (Top 40% - soon to be released)
  3. Complex Sales (Current skill-building project)

But I’m hardly an artist. And I’m not more exceptional than the average individual who never makes it big, but I have been sharpening my skills than most people ever will and documenting for others to follow.

Agreed it's not the best-written guide in the world, not even the most well written, however, it is a manual with time, effort and initiative to take up tangents - you can be better than most people, and easily 100%, better than me.

Time and effort is the key above..... most people never will never invest the time and effort to carry it out.

My magic

Very few people can:

  • Invent and develop advanced technology
  • Have their finger on the pulse of global industry trends
  • Understand how the venture capital industry interacts with advanced technology, and
  • Make the world a better place by connecting global leaders at the same time.

Suddenly I had a perspective that few individuals in the world that could hope to understand without spending years living it.

It’s the combination that makes what I do so rare, letting me operate in the top 1% of global population....... [Read More]



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