Week 40: Vlogger Fashion Line, Artisanal Subscription and Sterile Toothbrush

Vlogger-Created Fashion Lines - YouTuber Jenn I'm Launched an Affordable Clothing Collection.
If I was involved in this project: Collaborate with other YouTubers to build a brand of profit sharing.

Vlogger-Created Fashion Lines

Ridiculously Artisanal Subscription BoxesThe Awful Box Contains One-of-a-kind Novelty Items. 
If I was involved in this project: 195 products annually weekly of a 4-year commitment to receive weekly delivery. An item sourced from a new country every week.

Sterile Toothbrush Holders - 'Purreta' is Able to Hold and Clean Toothbrushes in the Bathroom.
If I was involved in this project: A simple toothbrush head rather then the bulky 4x toothbrush holder.

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