Best of 1260+ Business Ideas – Introduction to Part 1 – 3

Era of ideas

This is a new era of idea. Idea is money. There is so much competition now. There is only one way to succeed.

Be creative with ideas constantly.

Idea = money.

1260+ different ideas, I feel like an idea machine. It’s been exactly 1 year and I have just completed my 3rd note pad with 10 to 15 ideas on each page. 126 pages.

Most of them are diabolical! Most of them are absolutely rubbish. I had a teleporting machine as one of the idea. I watched Back To The Future and stole ideas from there.

Before it took me around 15 minutes to come up with 10 ideas. Now the fastest I have come up with 15 ideas was 6 minutes and 24 seconds.

Yes it took me 2 hours to come up with 10 ideas last week. It was a hard topic. My brain started to sweat after 6 ideas. I took a nap for an hour. After 10 ideas, I did 20 more.

Funny how one of the ideas at the beginning of the year was “surface where the water will bounce on”….that was invented few months ago! I should follow up more ideas and create a team of my on innovation scientists.

It was time to find the best ideas from over 1260 ideas.

Ideas are cheap

I love to share what I can. I got asked the other day, why the hell do I share 10 ideas with people that influence me? Why don’t I just take the idea and do it myself.

There is one little secret behind this.

I can give 1000 people 1000 business ideas. Maybe only one in that 1000 will actually go out and try it.

People are not lazy, they just don’t have the passion to go and chase their dream. Or they forgot how to dream.

“OH, So you just created new competition for yourself?”

Nope, no matter what happens, competition is always there. Before I start or soon after I start. It’s how it’s always been and will always be.

Be fearless and go out there to do what you need to. The only way you I ahead of the game is by continuously come up with ideas. Being an idea machine.

Become an idea machine by practicing to write 10 ideas every day.

Your idea muscle will be very weak at the start, it takes 3 to 6 months of practicing every day to build up a strong idea muscle.

If you stop for even 1 week…then your idea muscle will become weak. It will again take around 3 months to build it up.

I know, it happened to me 4 times over the past 3 years. Every day for the past year and 2 months, I have not missed one day.

It’s changed my life every 3 months.

Every 3 months something good has happened.

Every 3 months my happiness increases.

Appeal of ideas

I feel proud to share these ideas, admittedly, these ideas will appeal to me more, these ideas were influenced by my experience and inspirations.

I usually read a book or watch a TED Talk before coming up with ideas.

It sparks something in me. Unleashing the creativity with in me. I feel the spiritual holy trinity. I am not Christian but I my RE teacher in high school was hot so I remember everything in that class. I paid attention.

To make the most of the ideas below. Take them and tailor it to your vision.

I haven’t counted

I don’t have a clue how many I listed below, but these are the best ideas I have summarised, some I have tried yet many I haven’t.

I try to make them follow current and future trends in the markets.

All business starts up as experimentation of ideas. Never start a business. Always try experiments.

Some of these are fun, some are quick money makers and some are changing the world.

I will post them in 3 sections, over 3 weeks.

If you would like to find all the ideas in one place and also where I go into more details then here, download the book:

Best of 1260+ Business Ideas

The ideas include

Part 1

Personalised message             Community
Furniture from abroad               Manufacturing
Importing spectacle lens           Manufacturing
Clothing                                    Manufacturing
Helping student business         Random
Student vouchers                     Random
Disease outbreak prevention   Community
3D Printed bionic prostate       Community
QR code on paper 4 product   App
Candles                                   Manufacturing
Wooden Toys                          Manufacturing
Organise community events   Community
Typewriter love letter               Random
50 Box of Grey                        Random
Coffee delivery service           Random
Mosque photo and locator      App
Hot air balloon small party      Community
UK based Savings and Loan
Association                             Community


Part 2

University student art seller               Random
Hire a Plane for a holiday
package                                            Random
Furniture – re-cycle DIY                    Community
Planet exploration                             App
Graffiti Artist                                      App
Spare room office                             Random
Rail line hedge/landscape
designing                                          Community
Personalised oyster card holder       Random
Unused tunnel/space event –
after designing                                  Random
Interview and podcasts                    Self-help
Pop Up sales space designer          Random
Exploiting trends                              Random
Sewing machine designing              Random
Lace/random lamps                         Random
Closed event, bringing
Book stories in to reality                  Random
Korean tech blog                             Online
Inspire 1 million people                   Self-help

Part 3

Get them in touch with their roots   Community
Indian cooking class from mum      Health
Solar products in the box                Community
Book box exchange                        Self help
Create online courses                     Online
School memory clubs                     Self-help
Ted Talk self-help monthly
courses                                           Self-help
Video diary of start-up companies  Self-help
Write 1,000,000 e-books                Online
Create service for tech companies Random
Use existing ideas                          Random
Outsource team to the
world                                              Online
Help companies head hunt            App
Organise cultural festivals             Community
Beach tent rental                           Random
Juicing!                                          Random
Teach a language                         Self-help
Natural skin and hair products      Health




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    Era of idea. With selected ideas from the list with in one business can make wonders and extra points of uniqueness.


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