Best of 1260+ Business Ideas – Part 3

Part 3 - Content List

Get them in touch with their roots   Community
Indian cooking class from mum        Health
Solar products in the box                  Community
Book box exchange                            Self help
Create online courses                         Online
School memory clubs                         Self-help
Ted Talk self-help monthly courses  Self-help
Video diary of start-up companies   Self-help
Write 1,000,000 e-books                    Online
Create service for tech companies    Random
Use existing ideas                               Random
Outsource team to the
world                                                  Online
Help companies head hunt               App
Organise cultural festivals                 Community
Beach tent rental                                Random
Juicing!                                                Random
Teach a language                               Self-help
Natural skin and hair
products                                             Health

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Part 3

Get them in touch with their roots     Community

UK has become very multi-cultural. There are millions of British born from various countries.

Most don’t know anything of where they are from.

Get them back in touch with their roots.

Indian cooking class from mum      Health

We are a nation of junk eaters. All these junk food came from a healthy background!

We all love Indian, one of the most fatty food I can think of. Trust me, I been working at one from the age of 15.

When I came home. The indian food at home was healthier then most food I can think of.

If you can cook cultural and original food. Host classes by renting out kitchen classes and also do YouTube videos and free articles in newspapers etc.


Solar products in the box                 Community

Oh energy! You have been a secret. Only in recent years are we using you to help others.

We did a project where we filled a box with affordable and various products. Then we sent it to few countries in Africa. Those who are very poor were able to buy the box of products, that worked out cheaper then anything available (and not available) for 100s of miles around.

Electricity is scarce!

Do the same thing with affordable solar products.

Yet, better. Partnership, do a deal with an existing company in those country and offer to provide solar boxes.

Book box exchange                           Self help

Book are my mentors. Successful entrepreneurs and consultants have shaped how we do business.

They were only able to do so by writing very persuasive books.

Books are brains with knowledge of the writer in your hands.

Go to shared office space with award winning and best business books in several books.

Offer to lend the box for a fixed price every month.

Lend them out!

Create online courses                                   Online

We are in an era of self-learning.

If you are skilled in a specialised area, create an online course and sell it for very cheap. Even if it is for £1.00 and you do great marketing. You can make thousands of pound.

There are 100’s of people doing that right now.

There are great marketing tools out there. Use them and see how you can leave your own legacy.


School memory clubs                                   Self-help

I have a bad memory.

My common complaint.

I always leave my mobile somewhere.

But give me a list of over 100 items or 100 numbers. I will be able to tell what they are from, front to back. Or if I am feeling like I want to impress you, I will have no problem doing it back to front.

It’s surprisingly easy and possible allowed me to open my mind up to reading books on….actually….setting myself out from the rest.

Read the book by Harry Lorayne, “How to develop a super power memory” – search that with pdf at the end. You will find the book there.

Practice that to make your memory amazing. Then charge people in teaching them how to do it.

Who doesn’t want a super power memory?

Ted Talk self-help monthly courses           Self-help

I love TED Talks. It always inspires me more than anything. New ideas. New skills.

Like the one above.

Watch various talks. Find ways to help others. Take one idea every month and host self-help sessions. This can be based on personal, business or anything you want.

The choices are limitless.

Currently I am doing so from a talk called Draw Toast. I got post it notes all over my wall.

Check out the talk by Tom Wujec : Draw Toast on

Contact me if you want to see your whole business on one wall!


Video diary of start-up companies      Self-help

Starting up a business has been the most curious process in my life. Everyone does it, however everyone has unique style of doing it.

If you have Instagram, search #byae and you will see some of my examples.

If you don’t have Instagram, it’s a 20 second video, of highlights on happiness or sadness of business activity of that day.

Simple as that. No one is doing that right now. set up the business. I would visit your site. Or even help you develop it.

Write 1,000,000 e-books                   Online

This is my 5th book I am writing in space of 3 months.

It’s simple. Take a subject you love. Brake it up in to little sections and write a book about each of those sections.

I am giving away 1 book for free. Giving this one for free. Will do the same for the 3 more books to come.

Then I will write more and give them away for £1.00.

People read what they but they need to be interested in the writer.

The blog posts are examples.

The free books are examples.

If these books help you in small ways.

Then £1.00 for future books are nothing to help you even more.

By the way, books don’t have to be 200 or 300 pages long.

It can be 1000 words with 100’s of pictures.

Break the mould.

I promised myself to write this in one day. I have been here since 3.00pm, it is now 9.30.

I took half hour brake for dinner. Chicken and mushroom soup. I will be up till at least 3, by then I will have the content sorted, layout too and the blog posts prepared.

I have a passion for this subject. I have no problem or issues to write all this up.

Find your passion, you will have no issue in writing it all up.

One of the other book I have written but yet to release is on how to write a book.

I highly recommend it. It’s what I have learned and was inspired by to start writing.

This is my legacy.


Create service for tech companies    Random

This is the current trend. It is hard to enter the tech central from most of us.

So why not come up with solutions to each of the tech companies might have right now?

What are they?

I don’t know, write up 10 ideas of how you can help them.

Don’t expect me to feed you everything with a silver spoon.


Use existing ideas                            Random

Most cloths in the fashion industry are old ideas, hunted down and brought in to the modern times.

Theses designs are carefully selected and then, only then, are they recreated.

If you are involved in certain history. Set out one full day, where you will go and research the full history of your industry.

If you have a team, get everyone in your team to do it.

Find products and services that you may be worth looking at.

Write them down as your idea list.

Once you have this, review each idea and consider if they really have space in this modern time.

If they do, how can you renovate these ideas if it’s needed.

Outsource team to the world                             Online

I spent 12 hours in total and have a team of 28, ready to go.

Every one of them with 3-5+ years’ experience, large portfolio and all graduates.

All based in Bangladesh, many of them speak better English then me. Those that don’t? I speak very good Bengali.

That is not the point.

Everyone in a city, fights over talents, with in this city. A small pond with very few large fish.

WordPress team is a great example. They have 300+ staff in over 100 and something countries.

They have found talents all over the world. They have found the biggest fish in the ocean and they are constantly looking for bigger fishes.

Listen to this podcast with the founder of WordPress, it will give you an insight on this:



Help companies head hunt             App

Still don’t want to outsource your team?

Well let me help you jump in to the pond and grab you the best and the biggest fish in the pond.

This app is used by company directors where they can share information of freelance workers that have inspired them.

From these reviews another company may decide to headhunt and employ this talented employee.

So make money by helping others improve and make money.

Organise cultural festivals              Community

Have you been to the Holi Festival? It’s one of the liveliest festival of chucking powered paint and water at each other.

It comes from the very traditional Hindu festival.

I did a project research on them when they first started their festival.

Now, with in few years. It’s a worldwide festival.

Culture is spreading. People are more eager to learn of other cultures.

DO you have a cultural festival idea that others can enjoy?


Beach tent rental                               Random

Every summer, I love being on the beach with mates. As with every year, we can’t spend all day there. It’s too hot.

This year, I am renting out luxury tents. Were families can enjoy…a full day out in the sun.

Why don’t you start this in your seaside town?

Juicing!                                               Random

As I mentioned, I am stuck at home because of my ankle. It’s making me over weight.

I need someone to make a jucing bar. I have tried it. It works.

It’s too much effort for me to juice everything right now. if we can deliver greasy food, why don’t we deliver juicing food?!

Build a juice bar in town center with delivery service. Let me know how it goes.

Teach a language                              Self-help

I can speak Bengali. There is a huge Bengali young community here. I gurantee only 1 in 1000 can read and write it, however 999.999 of the 1000 speak it. The .999 comes in because there is always one who can just about speak it.

It’s a shame.

It’s stupid.

If you have the opportunity to teach it. Then go ahead and do it.

They are not a shame and neither are they stupid. No one has approached to teach it to them

I am a shame and also stupid. This is why I will go out there to teach it.

If you can speak, read and write Spanish. Contact me. I will teach you Bengali if you will teach me your language.

Natural skin and hair products                                  Health

Samiha (12) and Mashyat (one month younger then Samiha), they have started their own business.

I made them do it. They made amazing fresh natural hair product and facials.

Made from avocado, honey and all god know fruits in the world.

Are they better then lush? Yes.

It’s made personally to your choice and want.

They are like a selection bar that you would get in subways.

They are starting youtube videos.

People are wanting them.

If you are interested in buying and making yourself look like an Angel.

Contact me, I will get them to make your personal product!



Pausing on my list

Right at this very moment, these are the ideas I had and constantly adding every day in my pad.

I write them down and completely forget about majority of them.

As I mentioned, there have been thousands of other ideas I have been working with over the past 3 years.

Most people have one idea and follow that for year after year…until they go broke, end up crying and are in a room with out no doors.

Ideas are your hammers.

The walls are tough.

They are hard.

The handles of the hammer may break.

You have hundreds of hammers.

You will break through it soon.

Just need to be willing to believe the walls will break.

Just need to be willing to work hard and persistent

I have created and shared many list for others.

Givers get.

Share your ideas.

Sharing will be repaid to you in 100 folds. Let me know if you try any of these ideas.


Also I look forward to you sharing your ideas with me.


Until then.

Enjoy being an idea machine.


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