‘Managed By Q’ gives 5% of company to it’s cleaners

During the next 5 years, Managed By Q – an office management service will give 5% of the company to their workers. This came at the press conference by it’s CEO Dan Teran with United States Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

Managed By Q is an app based platform, providing cleaning and office management services that are required.

"You are showing the world that in the on-demand space, you can innovate and you can ensure that innovation is inclusive," Secretary Perez speaking with Teran.

In Asia, there is growing lack if satisfaction from employees; who are having to work harder to make ends meet however not receiving the recognition or added benefits for their efforts. Managed By Q’s structure intends on creating a successful environment. Their motto is a beautiful one to go by “a happy team at Q makes a happy office for you”

"This was a decision made by a company whose leadership, investors, and board of directors believe deeply that only through shared prosperity can we reach our fullest potential."

There are other companies such as Proctor & Gamble who have and are launching similar programs. There is still a lot of work to be done – however the profit sharing model is now becoming a conversation with in small-scale businesses. This will lead to great local benefits.

Where the local economy can grow from this sharing profit model. Offering the opportunity of income equality, a promise many industries have made but are yet to implement.

"Our job is to show up every day and make it work and prove the model," Teran said. "I think that will spur the next generation of companies that build their business along these lines."

Whilst the gap between rich and poor are growing, there are startup companies who are tackling this exact issue in the most innovative way. The way we can also follow.

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