5 Tips for Keeping Your Day Job While Launching Your Own Business

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I heard some pretty terrible advice the other day.

The advice came on a business podcast from a successful entrepreneur who had built a company to billion-dollar status. In this podcast, he told the audience that if you are going to be successful as an entrepreneur, you cannot have another job.

What BS is this? There are only 10 conditions on why you should Quit this 2016!

Very few companies that enjoy incredible success today were started by people who had no other commitments. Instead, they were built in basements and garages, and while the founder was employed at another company.

I spend my nine to five (and then some!) working at Sainsbury and internal consulting positions at several larger companies. While springing up 12 start-ups over the period of 4 years. I spent 3 months trailing each to if they worked or not. 10 failed. Yes, it is important to have your time schedule perfect (see our 15 time management tips!) to make the most of it.

1 stupidly sold at a fraction of it’s worth and only 1 which has flourished over couple of years which has opened up opportunities of 4 new start-ups. Only failure led to these

But I'm not Superman - just incredibly efficient at taking reducing risks in high risk environment with the support of my network to help me face my fears.

Today I want to help you become incredibly efficient, as well as to expel the myth once and for all that a person needs to quit their job to enjoy entrepreneurship and build an amazing business.

The following are some of the incredible ways to build your entrepreneurial pursuit with the help of your nine-to-five job.


  1. Think of your job as a blessing.

I though my job was holding me back, this was until my first client was the company I worked for. Money was the fuel that kept my entrepreneurial dreams alive to allow me to building your side project.

Without that paycheck, you'll be out there spending all your time trying to raise money rather that spending your time perfecting your business.

My job was my partner that held me until the time is right to leave.


  1. You have no friends anymore

I found it tough to manage my own time but it became critical. Everyone around me enjoyed adding things to my schedule, and reducing their to-do list.

Yes, the major disadvantage of a job is the 40 hours of time so my dreams became my first priority. However – make time for your emotional support from those who care about you. Those that stay around, are those who will understand and help you to achieve your dreams.

I want to put this in perspective for you. There are 168 hours in a week. Your job takes up 40, your sleep takes up 56, and you are still left with 72 hours to build your business.

You don't need Netflix. News are trying to scare you. How many minutes have you spent staring at your phone today? Use your free time playing with ideas. How can you add value to yourself? Only when you value yourself can you add value to others and charge people for it.

I changed myself first so I can be the first and the best example.

Stop whining about how "little time" you have, and start asking yourself, "How can I manage the abundance of free time I have better?"

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  1. Sleep 8 Hours.

People work to have a better living condition. Soon as you have your own business, it won’t get much easier in the future. Entrepreneurship definition to me is to create value to yourself and those around you. If your aiming for age 30 retirement then you will have a tough time maintaining your passion to setting up a business. I am not saying it’s impossible. I am 100% saying  you 99% you will lose motivation.

Much attention is given to "hackathons" and people who build a company by locking themselves in a room for a month and emerging with the next next billion pound company.

That's not how most businesses are built. Let me put something in to perspective.

He told me I need to build a £10 million pound company to be the top 1% earner in the world. I take conversations as advise and make my own mind up.

He had authority. He influences many everyday. I respect that however he was stupidly dangerous to others. His advise can easily put the pressure of quick results.

I did the research. To be the top 5% - you need to earn £270k and to be the top 1%, exactly £688,228. Once you know this, you don’t need to put huge pressure on yourself to build a multi-million pound company over a sleepless week.

Seth Godin is famous for saying that the average time for overnight success in a startup is six years, even working full-time. It took tears and consistent daily practise of generating ideas for 5 years to build a long-term value. It's not enough to just work hard. It's not enough to work hard every day. Ideas are the new currency. Everyone can start a business. A good ideas starting point and better ideas offered to clients over a period of time around your full-time job. You will be invincible.


  1. Outsource what you can.

What can you do that no one else can do?

Do that.  Everything else, freelance and outsource. UK or India or other cheaper areas. This multiplies your 72 hours. I read it was possible to outsource argue my argument. I was working with Sam from Philippines. I didn’t have time to argue with her. I told Sam to e-mail her – “I don’t have time for this. I don’t think the meal is a good idea when we are arguing.”


Sam replied:

“My dear, you mean a lot to me. It’s the work pressure with this big deal happening. It’s only until next week.

I hate to let you down but will mean a lot if we could reschedule then?”



Sam became my relationship advisor. We broke up, Sam couldn’t keep us together.

So I had the time to find a Business partner. My loving Co-Founder. We multiplied 72 x 2 = 142 hours a week suddenly became avaible.

We brought on another employee who wanted to be freelancer. 72 x 3 = 216 was all we needed. We made it work.


  1. Use your job as fuel.

I never been chased by a tiger. I am glad my ancestors did. They would be proud they didn’t give up on their life because I am remembering them today.

They had high and peak performance.

Funny, my ancestors gave me the most valuable lesson. Peak performance can only be achieved when you put yourself in an intense situation where it is required.

A job was like a tiger to me. I was afraid to speak up in case it heard me and attacked me. I froze like a statue. A shackled slave kept from the reach of my dreams. However, the job taught me how to survive from the dangers of the world.

Use the job as a reason to run as fast as you can. I had no other choice but to run as fast as possible to perform at my peak performance.

Whatever you need to accomplish, learn all the skills possible from the job you are in. You can even consider taking your idea and initiative to become an Entre-ployee.


Everyday I am learning. I am a student and everyone around me are the teacher. Everyone around me are superhero.

The super villains may be the boss. If I am to defeat them on the final level, I want to create my own Justice League, I am the Robin to Batman. I am a student and I am always learning.

If you want to apply to be in the league, to be a superhero you have to overcome your fears, not be a slave to it.  We have created the Ultimate Cheat List your for you to do that.

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