Succeed as an Entre-ployee and 3 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Intrapreneurship


Be an Entre-ployee. You can add value to those around you. Everyone can.

I worked at Tesco’s, I liked those I worked with. Maybe you like the people you work with and you like what you are doing. I wish I were you in most my jobs.

At a job you can do something that you can’t do elsewhere. You can LINK your financial success (or other kinds of success) to the success of the larger company. If you can figure out how to do this, then you can stay at your job forever and watch it grow.

On the other hand, if you can’t figure out how to do this then you MUST QUIT. But only when eliminating risks. Here are the 10 reasons you should quit your job!

I was always trying to figure out how to convince couple of the companies I worked for to spin off new divisions or companies that maybe I could help run. It never worked out. Nobody listened to me at first. But I tried. Then I got lucky.

A great example is the world famous Craig Silverstein. Oh wait! You don’t know him? He’s a low-level programmer at the Khan Academy. But before that he was the first employee ever at Google. And now he’s a billionaire.

His success was totally tied to the success of Google. He had great ideas and he picked up the courage and pitched. The companies, Google and Khan Academy have an environment that allows the environment which allows companies to grow. Until recently, employees with a great idea to solve an industry problem often were faced with having to leave their job to bootstrap a startup. They had no other options. The companies didn’t give them that option.

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While being experts in their field, most have never built a business from scratch, and get overwhelmed with all the hats required to grow a startup.

Enter Intrapreneurship

With the growth of technology has allowed lots of start-ups to challenge larger companies. StartUps can quickly pivots with the changing technology. Many larger companies can’t do that.

They are falling behind.

They rely on you to inform them. You are smarter then your boss. They employed you for your exact reason, for you to give your specialist skills to them.

You can help corporations to starting latching onto the concept of “intrapreneurship”. Ideas are the new currency of world. Or your going to be far behind in this ever changing industry dynamics. As an Entre-ploee, you can take an idea from start to finish and turn into a profitable extension of the business.

You are generating value for yourself and the company. Create a value for them and they will give you access to vital tools and expertise of the company. That’s the start, then comes funding, potential clients, mentorship, and a overabundance of other opportunities.

Giants exist to make money. They want to keep growing. Create mutual benefit. They will love you. Yet, not many companies have embraced intrapreneurship. Working with BHS internally, I saw their growth and longevity created by entre-ploees (Then they went in to administration!).

You have common sense. Your boss are busy with time consuming decisions, negotiations, client demands and managing day to day activities. You do the tasks they have no time for. You create the foundation. You know the business better then they do. They reply on you to provide feedback on the companies flaws.

You know the solutions. You can add value and are far more superior to be in a position to improve productivity in your own work place. If your boss is not utilising you and your brain, they are destined to be left behind with the ever growing competition. As a cog in the systematic gear, you will also be left behind. That's when you start to plan your own business. Here are 5 tips of starting up a business when in a day job, or night!

But, first, why not call them to an intrapreneurial action? Approach and slap reality in to them. They are busy worrying, and denying the acceptance of the era of ideas and super impressive start-ups.

Outside of work, you have on average 72 hours free time every week. Build a good idea in your own time. The idea your company is being too stubborn to implement. Then sell it them...or the competition. My employees were my first client. It works!

If you have an idea and they don’t know how to go about implementing intrapreneurship, let them know. Heck send them this post.

It ultimately falls upon your idea and you with your entrepreneurial spirit. Take the time to define your idea with logic and approach your boss. Show how you will add value and bring Return for the time and money they are investing on you. Why they should take and fly off with your idea and not the competition.

Here are 8 musts to become and entre-ployee:.

  1. Distinguish yourself as an experienced and capable ofentre-ployee
  2. Be one of the most sought after professionals
  3. Define your own career path in or out of an organisation
  4. Unlock the key attribute of yourself
  5. Take ownership for your own growth and development
  6. Leverage your strengths and develop areas needing work
  7. Differentiate yourself among your peers and in the marketplace
  8. Enjoy the personal and professional rewards of being engaged at work


Tell your company you’re their god sent gift to them. It’s a miracle. Tell them of the 3 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Intrapreneurship – and How they can Succeed with your help.

Here is my open letter to your boss:

Dear boss,

Let me allow you to see clearly in the only way I know, the honest straight forward way. So you can change your perception and see the world via a new lenses.

If you don’t take advantage of any pro-active employee out of stubbornness, this the reason why you are likely to fall behind in the future. We are no longer in the 2000s. Old ways will no longer allow you to succeed in 5 years and thereafter. Technology is changing. And changing fast. The medium your customers and clients reach you are evolving along these technological advances.

You run a successful business. Congratulation. You are the leader – your employees are your followers with a smart brain. That is why you hired them. Let them do their job and use their expertise. I don’t know everything. I am a student. I learn everyday. You will be surprised what you can learn fromt them.

Learning from others, being a student to everyone I meet allows me to improve 1% everyday. I am 365% better every year. Be a student. Hear their ideas and learn from them.  Let intrapreneurship help you fast track to offer new values not only to yourself but also to your customers.

Explore innovation opportunities. Use 100% of your team’s capacity. They will be grateful to you for it.

This part of the article is not to be condescending but instead is aimed at highlighting a few reasons why companies are unsuccessful at inculcating intrapreneurship or startup culture into their normal activities.

The reasons why they fall behind. The reasons why top companies in the world keep being leaders, here is 10 inspiring examples on entre-ployees

We all like to emulate the Apples, Googles and Starbucks of success stries, however, everything needs to be built on a foundation. If I have convinced you to create Entre-ployee environment, then lesson 1. Don’t rush in to it.

Create a well-thought-out-strategies for successful intrapreneurship environment. Here are the top 10 ways to create an intrapreneurial organisation.

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