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I was scared after I was forced to drop out of Uni. I couldn’t get a loan to study. I wanted to be an architect. I studied from the age of 5 to 19.

14 years of planning in motion that became dust. Disappointment happens. I spent 2 years wondering what I should do. Where do I go. I followed everyone. Backup option was 9-5 job. The default option. I had no other plans. I 100% believe that not every 9-5 job is bad. However I know I am working most of my life for someone else to get majority of  the portion of my time of my life and most of my money.  I felt like I am a slave to the game, rules to control me. I had to take the plunge to face my fears.

I couldn't find a job I loved. I was afraid of not being able to do what I wanted during the day. So I started to come up with ideas my employers can use. The didn't accept any of it - the break through did come. After 3 years.

It was worth the wait to succeed as an Entre-ployee. It was an informal thing. I helped people to plan their own business. Then I went of to do my own thing on the back of it.

When I was in school I would want to go to the museum during the day. I would want to spend time with friends at the park . I would want to try to write novels. I would come home. I would be too tired to do anything else but to watch telly. I achieved or experienced nothing. Not it's different. I learned how to be the luckiest person in the world.

At most of my job, I felt shackled and trapped. I would go in to work at 6 am in the dark, I would finish work, it would be dark. I had to kiss *ss on the boss so he would either not fire me, or he wouldn't promote me, or he would give me tasks that were boring. I didn't see the sun for more then 2 mins all winter for 5 days a week. I had to learn to escape and stop being a slave.

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I didn’t like having a person order me around. I didn’t like being scared of him. I locked the freezer door from the inside so I could write 10 ideas. But I was repeatedly given warnings for being slow. I wasted my time doing something I didn't love. I wanted to improve.

I hated some blob “warning” me for living a life I wanted to live, even if I got all my meaningless tasks done. Some of the tasks were like: “putting buns in toasters for 9 hours with 45 mins and another 15 mins break”. Another task was, “watch my car while I go and pick something up.” And then I got in trouble when a NCP gave the car a ticket.

I was always scared. Scared for my meaningless existence. Not only had I led a life worth unexamining, it seemed my future was even worth less examination. The boss would call me in his office. He was 25 years old. Not much older than me but he was a blob about to become a millionaire and I was just a piece of blob worth nothing.

He said, “Don’t you have any pride in your work?”

And I turned red and he just watched me. And he said, “Answer the question.”

But I had no answer. I had no pride in my work. So I was embarrassed front of others. And I had to hitchhike home the day I was kicked very low. I got depressed. I felt useless. I was going to disappear without making any dent. I was scared.

Now we live in a new world. A world where your job is something worth doing. Where there are opportunities with their hands out, waiting to be touched and loved, if you just reach out as far as you can and touch them back.

I was a slave. To escape, I needed a master plan, I needed the cheat and rules of the game. Get creative to be a blob worth being something. I couldn’t afford to quit straight away. Instead create opportunities to put my master plan in to action. I became and entre-ployee.

Here are ten reasons you shouldn’t have a job. Instead ten reasons to create your own masterplan.

1) One Job = Only One Source of Income

According to the HMRC, the average multi-millionaire has seven different sources of income.

A job is just one source of income. Not only that, your one job is taxed 20%-50% then some more, to the point where you are left with 1/10th of your income! Most of it goes to fight wars and pay for things you would never pay for.

Plus your boss takes out money for not only insurance and  “savings” (because you can’t be trusted with your own money) but they take out money (trust me, since I’ve been a boss also) for your desk, your computer, and basically your right to work for them (since they need to extract more value out of you than you deliver so that they make more money than you).They chain you so you are just paid enough to live but not to thrive.

2) Imagine Your Job Is Your Business

A business often has multiple lines of income. You spend a few hours each week on each product line.

But a job takes up 60 hours at least. 40+ hours of work. Plus another 10 hours of transportation. Plus mind-numbing tasks you can do to inoculate yourself against the pain of having to go back to work the next day. You are constantly reminded that you have go back to work. So for 2-3 hours a night you have to do everything you can to forget that painful fact. There is a need to be strict and respect your own time. See the 15 Hacks for your own time.

If you view your job the way a businessperson views a line of revenue, you would say, “this is the worst business possible. I need to switch businesses.”

3) Your Job is the Walking Dead

I was talking to Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar. “Eventually – 10 years maybe – driverless cars will be the only cars on the road (Driverless UBER is coming!).

The auto industry and all of its ancillary industries will have 90% fewer employees and those people will have nowhere to go.”

Steven Kotler, author of “Tomorrowland” and “Bold”) was saying that even therapists are no longer needed. “Returning soldiers talk to AI-based therapists to determine if they have PTSD or Depression or not.” He said, “Lawyers, therapists, and even all of middle management will soon be replaced by AI and robotics”

So who is left? Blue collar will be gone and most of white collar will be gone.

The 0.1% will be left. The ones who will allocate capital away from hiring workers towards hiring robots to shelve Walmart shelves, do your therapy, take care of your legal and accounting needs, and drive the 0.1% to their malls and stores.

“What will happen to the other 90%?” I asked Robin. But she had no real answer. “They will need help!”

Who will help them? Who? There is no answer. Nobody cares. Depending on your career path, if you don’t quit your job, explore other options, your job is going to quit you.

4) You Have No Friends

I’ve had lots of jobs. I admit I am a bit pathetic. But I have no friends from previous jobs.

Most of those “friends” were nice to me because I sat next to them and smiled, while I listened to them beg pathetically to their girlfriends or boyfriends all morning after an argument and then someone would hang up on someone.

Then they would show up during my specific job and try to take out their frustrations on other employees. Everyone gossiped. Everyone was sad. It was a horrible environment. Everyone hated it.

The employee manual was always there to dictate what we should wear, what we should say to members of the opposite sex, who we needed to report intimacy to if such a thing were to occur in such a sterile environment. Worst case, get told how to crack open eggs.

Then I’d get a new job and have new "friends".

5) Income is Disappearing

In the past 25 years, average real income has gone from £27,380 to £25,100. Why? Who knows. Because nobody cares.

Then the talking blobs on TV tell you have to start saving during those years. We live in a time of austerity. Meanwhile, the cost of living has gone up. How do you save, when it costs more to LIVE, while the money coming in the bank is going down.

Society is being strangled. I don’t blame anyone. It’s not the government’s fault. It’s not financial districts fault. Jobs were a myth from the beginning.

People earned their own trade based income dating back to 6000BC. Then half way through 19th century Industrial Revolution standardised society, so that factory workers would show up at the same time, have the same education, hit the same bolt on the same nut at the same time, and get paid every two weeks. Now every month.

The Internet economy came which globalised the idea of a job. Now we live in the Idea economy where the wealth is moved from the people who do the work to the people who have the ideas. It’s not evil. It’s just the course of human history and how change is always inevitable.

Jobs are not evil. It's those environment that strangles you.

6) Deflation

The economy is about to undergo massive change. For 100 years we’ve been worried about inflation – the idea that prices always rise. But “always” is always wrong. With changes in biotech – healthcare costs will eventually go down as focus goes from “cure” to “prevention.”

With driverless cars as well as batteries – car costs and energy costs will go down. With AI and robotics – many jobs will be done more efficiently…and not by humans. Computers – prices are going down. 3D printing and drones – costs of shipping will disappear.

Virtual reality – costs of everything from games to transportation will disappear or go to near zero. Technology has now reached THE DREAM – the idea that the benefits of technology will drive down the costs needed to pay for it.

Which is good (we will pay less for the things we love). And is bad (no need for you anymore. No need to pay you anymore). This is not 50 years in the future. This is already happening now. And will only get worse/better no matter what government “solutions” are going to bail people out.

7) There Are Alternatives

This is the magic of every business being developed now:
A) A group of people have excess capacity (for example, extra rooms in a house that are never used. Or extra seats in a car).

B) There is a group of people who will buy that excess capacity

C) There is a “platform” created to mediate between “A” and “B” and handle all monetary transactions, problems, logistics, etc. (e.g. Airbnb, Uber, and 100s more).

This “Excess Capacity” economy is only getting bigger. There are many ways to be in group “A”. There are many platforms now – not just Airbnb and Uber. But Alibaba, Ebay, Etsy, Infusionsoft, and maybe 100 others.

Start researching the excess capacity in your life and how to monetise it. It might even be mental excess capacity. Don’t underestimate what you have in your mind or in your garage.

We live in an “idea economy”. So perhaps first you have to exercise the idea muscle. Don’t buy a course, or a workshop or any BS that the reverends of self-help with no great specific point of execution they will try and sell you. Most people can't help their self. How are they going to help you? How will you be the luckiest person in the world with your ideas?

They give the briefest of injections of false hope to fight off the never-ending despair of change. Only attend things which has execution as the conclusion. Be specific and receive the same specifics.

Write down 10 ideas a day to exercise this idea muscle. You will build it. It will be magic. Trust me. It changed me from crying curled up on the floor to being free from my shackles. Your life will change for the better every 6 months.

8) Here Are Some Ideas to Start You Off

I was scared because so many people were writing me they didn’t know what to do as they were losing their jobs.  So I cold-wrote the CEO of the largest freelance job company in the world.’s CEO, Matt Barrie.

I asked, “How can people earn £1,500 in a weekend with only a few months worth of training.”. He wrote back immediately (note: I have no affiliation with him and there are many sites like his so I am not even pushing his site here.)

He wrote back (thank you Matt!):

“Every single project is tailor-made based on the needs and requirements of each employer. Nevertheless, please find a list of projects where freelancers can easily make £1,500 or more in just a couple of days:

1 Video Animation
video projects for KickStarter/Indiegogo or an animation explainer videos for a new product/service launch are an easy and quick job to do online.

2 Programming
e.g. for E-commerce stores (Shopify, Magento), we have seen a huge increase in e- commerce, as well as social media commerce.

3 Website testing or Web Scraping
last minute changes on the site before the big launch, companies want to make sure the site would work as intended so they simply hire someone to test it throughout.

4 Website Development and Design
(as you said, WordPress fits in this category) – it can be templated but it’s quick and efficient and it looks good.

5 Children’s Book Illustration
incredibly popular job on the site that pays quite well. Self-publishing is a big thing these days and illustrators on the site can provide for a huge range of different design styles that fit any requirements.

6 Writing
we have seen numerous requests from people needing help with their business plans or book editing hiring experts in the field on It’s especially popular among not native speakers when they need something done in English or another language and they want to do it right.

7 3D Rendering and Architecture Design
huge skill on the site, studios are willing to pay a lot of money to get last minute support and help with their projects or contests.

8 Software Architecture
this speaks for it's self!

9 App development
full time staff or freelance temp workers may not always be available to help out, especially during the weekends, while our developers on the site can easily fix any issue or help to finalise the project when deadlines are tough.

10 Photoshop or any other design work
companies would pay substantial money to have their PowerPoint, Infographics, Brochures or Keynote presentations designed by a professional designer on the site.”

I’m not saying you should do these things. But opportunities and if you think you don't have the sills to the above, education are there right now.

9) Where is the Education

Hotcourses,, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Codeacademy, Udacity, Skillshare, are a few of many.

None of these will make you do better at your job. They will all give you ideas for alternative sources of income that can eventually replace your job. Again, I have zero affiliation with them however have taken courses at most of them. My 13 year old cousin takes classes via Codeacademy.

10) A Stable Salary is Fake

The worst thing you can have is a stable salary. A stable salary gives you no feedback on how you are doing. You always make the same every month. Instead, income should be feedback. If it is going up, you can scale the parts of your income that are working. If it is going down, you can change the things that are not working well.

This is how people make a lot of money.

A stable salary is an addiction (thank you Nassim Taleb for pointing that out) that fools one into thinking they are doing ok until the day they are fired. Feedback is knowledge. Knowledge leads to greater happiness.

11) Be Happy With Less

A bonus one, about 6 months ago I threw away almost everything I owned. I still throw away something everyday that I haven't used in more then 3 months. If it can’t fit in one bag, I don’t have it. Some people need two bags. That’s fine. No judgement. Take ten bags.

But some people need £X in the bank. Or they always wanted Y to waste away in their closet. Value stories and experiences over objects. You can get a story today for free. If not your own, then listen to others.

Imagine a story: the story of you between now and the moment you last close your eyes.

The story people will tell at your funeral. What happens on that story? Are you shuffling paper? Are you serving people who don’t deserve you? Are you friends with temporary people who will gossip behind your back?

Are you taking orders from the masters? When you were a child, you wanted to draw and to write and to act and to make people laugh. How long will you postpone that until it is too late.

How long were these hands that were made to create beauty, be stunted in their growth while they create nothing? Before we were five, we were free from the wounds of our parents, our lovers, our peers.

And then we became infected with their open, emotional wounds that they got from their parents and friends. Once we got infected, we began to live their lives. Their pains, their wounds and diseases. Their fears.

Now is the chance to cure ourselves. To live the life we want. To ignite once again your creativity. To break free from the life of prison and horror.

Every day, I wake up and hope I can do it.

To make people laugh. To make people delight and love. To create and feel that pleasure of creation. I don’t want to die today. I want to live the life I always dreamt I would live. You can see the worksheet by Tim Ferriss which makes you realise and then analyse the fear which is putting you off. Learn hhow to overcome your fear.

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Man with cardboard box on his head and terrified look skethed

Why are people so afraid of failing? Is it the British Myths that are so ingrained?

I don’t think anyone is afraid of success. We all want to be able to have the money that brings with it freedom (Whatever that might mean to us) and the occasional luxury. We all want to be admired for the things we achieve. I don’t think anyone is afraid of those moments.

But we are afraid to fail. So here’s the problem: The only way to succeed is to fail. I would say success = 1% talent, 20% persistence and preparation, and 70% failure. In order to succeed you have to be willing to fail quite a bit. The other 9% is wondering what the hell happened so you can practice the 4 practices to become the luckiest person in the world.

Failure is horrible. The opposite of of our desire. It’s imprisonment instead of freedom, its people throwing stones and laughing at you instead of people admiring you. It’s work instead of sitting by the river with a cup of coffee at 11 am. It’s fear instead of relief. It’s sickness instead of health. It’s doubt instead of confidence. And yet that is 70% of success, dealing with failure and getting through to the other side.

I’m desperately afraid to fail. I think most people are. But getting through that fear is the only way to succeed.

Do You Make Fear Decisions or Growth Decisions?

I was afraid I was going to lose my biggest client. And my job. So I let him yell at me repeatedly.

I met a friend of mine. She said, “My grandma told me there are only two types of decisions: Decisions made out of fear and decisions made out of growth.”

For instance, do you stay in your job because you are afraid you won’t get another job? Or do you stay in your job because you are excited about the growth potential there? Do you stay in a relationship because you are afraid you won’t meet someone else, or you are afraid it will be bad for your kids, or you are afraid of hurting someone else?

Or do you stay in a relationship because you are truly grateful the other person is in your life (and hopefully, vice versa).

I thought about it. I picked all of major decisions in my life.

  • Moving from a secure job option to building up skill set on Global Innovation.
  • Being with someone. Splitting up and second time being with them to split up again.
  • Travelling to Bangladesh after losing most of my savings on a business idea.
  • Trying to sell a company before it had fully bloomed.
  • Not taking business trips because I was nervous about what would happen if I left home.

And on and on. Her grandma was right!

Every decision I have made has either been fear or growth.

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Not just big decisions but even the smallest decisions. The fear-based decisions never worked out for me. When I made a fear based decision it was always because I was giving power to someone else. I was their slave.

I’d make a fear-based decision out of insecurity. Out of a feeling of scarcity. Out of giving too much power to others so they would control my life. The growth-based decisions all resulted in miracles I could not have imagined.

With growth-based decisions you feel it in your body: an expansion of your chest, ideas in your mind, a feeling of competence increasing. A feeling of freedom expanding. You can't escape it.

A growth-based decision becomes the story of your life later. A fear-based decision turns into regret. In fear-based decisions, you feel it in your head – I better do this…OR ELSE. I listened to one of my first bosses yell at me so many times because I was afraid he would fire me if I argued.

I didn’t want to get fired because I had a company on the side and by full-time job happened to be my biggest client. I had no confidence in my company. So fear of losing a client prevented me from devoting all of my time to the real growth in my life

One time I was scared I was going to go broke again.

So I took a job. I tried to convince myself that it was a growth decision. Maybe I would expand at the job and create opportunities. But the first day at the job I fell straight to the ground for no reason. Everyone laughed and said, “Are you OK?” and I got up because I was ashamed and embarrassed at all the people looking at me. I started to limp because I hurt my leg so badly.

The second day at the job, the boss of the company told me, “Trust me on your salary. We’ll take care of you.”. And I was afraid to point out those points of common sense not being followed. He was the boss.

The third day at the job, I got up and walked out. I didn’t clean out anything. I left my jacket there. I took the elevator down 15 stories. I walked out into the sun. And I never went back. They called repeatedly. Even a year later the main guy was still calling.

My life is better than ever. I never looked back. I left the building and walked to the train station 10 minute walk from my work place. I took the train 60 miles. I watched the leaves turning from green to red along the way across the Themes River then came back home.

I came to my house breathed in the air not knowing how, what, why. Not thinking about money for the first time in months. And then I noticed. I wasn’t limping. My leg didn’t hurt.

Not everything went good for me after that decision. Some pretty awful things happened. My heart tore open more than once. My fears about money came back again and again.

But it was a growth decision. And bit by bit, the growth decisions added up. And bit by bit, I grew to love my life more than I ever had. I realised that most of the things I feared didn't happen. I realised I only feared the thought. I didn't really know what I feared. Never once did I define my fears. I found this worksheet that really worked on how I should define my fears.

Thank you, my friend’s Grandma with her Jedi mind thinking. I learned how to take the plunge: How to master your fear of failure because to Be Afraid Is To Be Alive.


If you are thinking of taking the plunge, here are somethings to consider!

I really hate fear. But then I thought, what if people were never afraid? The ones who were never afraid never ran away from the lions in the jungle.

The ones who WERE afraid became our ancestors. Became Adam and Eve and ran as far as they could from the Tree of Public Education. Adam and Eve were very afraid and then they had babies.

If I was never afraid I probably wouldn’t experience the joy of connecting with others (which probably started off as either insecurity or a fear of being alone). The bliss of doing things that I love (I started off doing them for fear I’d be a useless idiot, which I still often am but at least I’m not afraid of it anymore) .

All of the writing I have done (since I don’t publish a single thing unless I’m afraid to hit the “Publish” button). Here are some things I am afraid of that in the past year have created riches in every way in my life.

I Asked For Help

I’m afraid to ask for help. I don’t want people to think I am weak. Or I am somehow so incompetent that I need help. And maybe deep down I don’t want to feel like later in life I will owe people. I’m afraid of karmic debt. I always want to save. I never want to be saved.

This is a big problem in all of my relationships. Finally, this year I put my hand out. In cases where I was in despair I called a friend and begged to meet just so I could have connection. In places where I needed more help in work, I called people and asked for advice.

As an experiment, I travelled one place and simply asked for a place to stay. People were happy. People want to help. Everyone is told, “Practice random acts of kindness.” But in order to do that, someone has to let them be kind.

I volunteered.

I Admitted Failure

To be fair, I’ve been admitting this non-stop since 2011. My grandad died. He kept on winning till he passed away. Eventually everyone dies – so we all eventually fail at living. We live to fail, leading to the biggest failure of all yet in the face of it, we show resilience to have small winning consistently.

Before 2011, I was afraid to do admit failure. I didn’t want people to think I was stupid. Nobody would ask me to go on TV ever again. Which is actually what happened. So what.

Someone told me, “your mess is your message”. My mess has generated 1000 articles, about 8 books and a dozen other opportunities. I’m no longer afraid of my mess now.

So I’m going to repeat it: Your mess is your message

I'm afraid to be shameless

Last year I started a business. When you start a business you sell something and you ask people for money for your service. I’ve started a business many times. The hardest thing for me is when you hit that point where you have to say, “well….it’s going to cost you £X.XX”

And in order to sell something, it means you are offering something that creates greater value for others. If I create value it means I shouldn’t be afraid to be shameless about holding my hand out. I had to keep telling myself that with every business. I was ashamed to ask.

People often don’t value what they don’t pay for. I’d like to give all my books for free, for instance, but then maybe people won’t read them. And I’d rather people read my books then have them just buried on a bookshelf. If you aren’t shameless today you will probably be ashamed of what you didn’t do tomorrow.

Be Honest

Here’s what I think is a cop-out. Cowardice: Radical Honesty. I hate that. Radical honesty is when you have no filter between your brain and your mouth.  There’s also a quote I live by that saves my life every day. Whenever someone talks to me I listen for “the good reason” and try to figure out “the real reason.”

Or an employee says using particular new software tool will be too expensive (good reason!) but the reality is he doesn’t know how to use the tool (real reason!).

For instance, a teenager says she wants to study at a library (good reason!) but you know there will be lots of boys there (real reason!).

I like to give the real reasons. Also, honesty doesn’t mean live in a glass house. But everything I write about, I am always dead honest on. Else, I am just living in the nice little safe comfort zone I have carved out for myself and I will never grow and learn and connect with people.

Honesty is about unique and real connection that helps you build bonds with your fellow space travellers on this planet. Or robots. Whatever. The more honest, the more real, the more love.

Be Curious

I cold called, Brian Grazer last week, who has produced movies like “Apollo 13,” “The Doors,” and TV show, “Arrested Development.”

He told me that every two weeks for the past 30 years he has cold-called random people who have impressed him and asked them a ton of questions. He calls them curiosity conversations. Bloody hell, that was indeed a stroke of luck. But I am not the only one!

This is how he met Ron Howard, who he since has gone on to produce $15 billion worth of movies with. This is how he comes up with the ideas for every movie he has ever done. (“What was it like when Apollo 13 broke down?” he once asked astronaut Jim Lovell).

I said to him, “You seem very playful. Like a trickster. You have to be playful to not be annoying to all these people you cold call.”

“I never thought about it that way,” he said, “but that is dead on.”. So you can’t be afraid to be playful when everyone is serious. You can’t be afraid to be curious when everyone else is quiet and afraid to ask questions.

The great mathematician Godel, inadvertently proved that there are more questions than answers in the world.  If we live in our safe little universe of answers and facts, we miss out on the far larger world of questions and mystery.

Mystery leads to mastery.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I was offered a job at BHS once. I really wanted to work there. But I felt like I needed to publish a novel, for some reason, before I took 2 months internal job as a Trends and Innovation advisor there.

I never published a novel.

But finally two years later, I took the job. I wish I had taken it earlier. Don’t give yourself arbitrary goals. Goals are stupid. Just go and have the experience you want, when it is offered to you. There’s no good time. And nobody cares but you.

Be the person you want to be, and then what happens? You suddenly are that person.

I was talking to Todd Herman who specialises in training elite sports athletes. He told me something I didn’t know: that every sports athlete spends hours before a big event transforming themselves into their “alter ego.” Their super hero identity. They do this to shed all of their fears and weaknesses so they can operate at peak performance.

Who is the real secret identity, he asked me, Clark Kent or Superman?

Clark Kent!

Faking it till you make it turns you into a superhero.


Fear and mystery leads to desire. I want to know! I want to experience what I haven’t experienced before. Desire leads to every part of your body feeling more alive. Every part of your brain on alert.

It’s a dopamine/oxytocin cocktail in your brain.

And the other day I sat in the audience and she was on stage, scared and completely fearless.


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I hate being a slave.

One might think: don't be a jerk. You weren't in chains in the 1800s. That was real slavery.

Ok, I hate arguing. Go away. But, for a moment let's take a look at the average person.

The average person works at a job. Fine, you might say, a job is a lot different from slavery: I can take a water break for instance. And sometimes go to the bathroom. And when I talk to people the same sex as me there aren't even any rules governing what I can say.

Great. I agree. Now let's just take a look at your income and your behaviour.

Sure, you might say, I realise I don't get all of my income. About 20-40% goes to taxes. And there you would be wrong. Your true salary is the total value you create for the place you work. Some percentage of it goes to your boss. He has to get paid also you know. Who do you think pays him?

You do.

Some percentage of your salary goes to his boss and however big the hierarchy is. I know this, having been a boss, having run a company, and having been an employee. Some percentage of your so called "salary" goes to the shareholders of the company before you even see it. And some percentage goes to the vendors of the company. Like the insurance "benefits" your company gives you that you most likely will never need (if you were likely to need them, then the benefits would be higher, until you no longer need that much. That's how insurance works).

And some percentage goes to employees that don't pull their weight. The 80/20 rule applies where approximately 80% don't pull their weight so any money left over from your efforts has to be used to pay them. You pay them. Finally, you have to pay for your cubicle, your office supplies, the computer on your desk, your phone, etc. If you created no extra money to pay for these things then they wouldn't exist. So this comes directly out of your salary.

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I call all of the above your "Above The Line" salary. Try to figure out what your Above The Line salary is.

You can say, "my company gives me the opportunity to make this above the line salary". That's fine. But they take quite a bit. It's probably four or five times higher than your "Below The Line" salary. There's better ways to get your "Above the Line" salary so you personally benefit from it. Most companies are very wasteful and you pay for that waste directly out of your salary.

Then there's your Below-the-Line salary.

20%-40% goes to govt. taxes. This is already after your services have been taxed at the corporate level, now your being taxed another god knows how many % at the personal level.

Note: only salaried employees pay tax. Nobody else does. The richest individuals in the UK pay less than 15% on average on gains in their net worth. That's because salaried employees are slaves and have the least political power.

Another 10-15% goes to taxes on everything you consume. Now we are almost at 35-60%.

Then, like most citizens, you have a mortgage. Maybe this is another 10-20% of your salary. Your company likes you to own your house because you are less likely to quit (you need the money to pay the mortgage) and you are less likely to move (you're not mobile).

Then student loans you are paying off. For the first time ever, greater than 50% of the unemployed have college degrees. So that is pretty scary. You got this degree because (in part) you thought it would get you a job. But it didn't guarantee anything and now you have to pay for it. Some percentage of your salary is sliced off every month to pay for that degree.

Then some portion of your salary goes towards health, upkeep of your relationships (they always cost money. This is not being cynical. Just reality), your transportation to your job (they force you to pay for the honour of transporting yourself to your slave quarters).

How much goes to you? You wake up before dawn. You travel. You work hard. You come home late. You're feeling stuck. You're mildly depressed and may take medication for this. And you have trouble sleeping and digesting. Sometimes you come home, curl up on the floor and cry. Sometimes, you end that cycle. Suicide is the leading cause of death from age of 20 to 34. No one attempts to do so unless you are unhappy and stuck in a vicious circle.

Money can’t buy you happiness but gratitude can. Entrepreneurship is about adding value to yourself. Once you can do this, you can add value to those around you. That’s when you can lead by example and charge for your products that changes lives.

When you can add value, you can be gracious.

As it stands, between above the line and below the line expenses taken out of your salary, you are probably left with 1/10 of your salary, or maybe less. In other words, you could be making ten times as much money if you started to un-slave yourself. Take the plunge in following your dreams.

You can add ten times as much value to yourself and to those around you.

Then there's behaviour. "I can do whatever I want," I used to say. In fact, when I was at a job I felt free. I could "sneak out" at 4pm. I could take lots of breaks. Vacations were big.

But did you look at the manual? There's a big manual. And sometimes there are workshops to go over the manual. Like you can't talk to people of the opposite sex in certain ways. They teach you what are good ways to talk to people of the opposite sex. You can't talk to your boss a certain way. Because for all of your slavery, all he has to say is, "you're fired" and all of that goes away.

You can't wear what you want. Most office situations have a uniform, either explicit or implicit. You can't be friends with who you want. You're mostly just friends with the people you spend your day with - the other slaves. When they go away you never talk to them again.

You can't be creative when inspiration hits. "Anything done on equipment owned by the company is intellectual property owned by the company". Good luck arguing with that one. I was thought how to crack eggs, it changed the way once. My manager told me I can’t do that. You can't have an office romance even though those are the only women you know. For one thing you might get fired. And all of your emails can be read by human resources.

My closest friend was fired when his office romance went awry and then we saw her having a meal with her manager two weekends later. I am not saying anything. I will let you work that one out.

If you want more money, you have to beg for it. There are entire seminars created just to teach people how to ask for 5% more money at work. People are scared to death to Ask.

And by the time you get home to have real social interactions, you're tired and bitter and angry at work. I know I'm doing a little bit of projecting here. This was my experience about having a job. I felt like a slave. I hated it. Maybe a lot of people like it. But I am just doing the math. The Above the Line salary is real and comes straight out of your pocket before you even knew that money was there.

Most people can make 5-10x more by being creative and figuring out how to offer services on their own without the company taking out all of the "Above the Line" expenses. And then there are ways to limit the "Below the Line" expenses. Money won't solve all of your problems, but it will solve your money problems. Don't let them take your money so they can keep you in slavery.

You want to own your time. Own your work. Own the value you create for others. Protect yourself so nobody can fire you. Not be owned by the bank or the government. Not be owned by your relationships. Own your thoughts.

"I can't just quit my job!" you might say. There are 10 reasons to quit your job. Then more.

And I agree with this. But, don't just quit.

So many people read self-help books to help them deal with what they think are the realities of work. Self-help books are often self-hurt books because they try to keep you happy about being enslaved. Most are BS. This is not a self-help post. This is a diary of experience.

For instance, "show compassion to the people who hurt you" many of them say. This might be good advice. But I'd rather show compassion to the people who love me. Start to be an explorer. We live in a £81.72  trillion global economy. You helped create it. Just like slaves and death and misery helped create the beautiful pyramids.

But 90% of what you create is taken from you.

Start to explore what parts you can take back. Work every day on ideas. List every interest you've had since you were a kid. List every business or job that can be started from that interest. Read every day about your interests. Don't be angry at the people at work, even your boss. They are all slaves also. You need to break free from them. Don't indulge your free thoughts on the other slaves with their Rolex shackles. You can even help them. Start to convince them. Tell the company you work for be more intrapreneurial minded.

Study the lives of people who aren't slaves. What did they do? Study the people online who seem to have broke free. What are they doing? Keep working on the idea muscle. I did this. And in six months my life changed completely. Sometimes for the worse. Much worse. I didn't know what I was doing and sometimes I ended up on the floor, depressed and suicidal.

Sometimes freedom is very scary. It's outside of the jail cell ("comfort zone") you created for yourself. I had no one to call. If you feel this way you can call me. We all need to start with baby step. Test the freedom brings. This is why I say, don't quit straight away. How can you leverage your current situation to follow your dreams?

But every six months since then my life has changed completely. My life is completely different than it was even six months ago. 8 years ago I had a boss yell at me. He's a good guy and has since broken free himself. But one time he yelled at me and I couldn't yell back or I would risk being fired. I felt like crying. Actually, a secret, I did cry. No-one yet till today has to see me cry. At that point in my life, I had no value in my life. Things needed to change.

So I went to the library. I found a science fiction book I read once before as a kid. It had that cellophane wrapping and a library card in it. And it had that smell when you open the pages. And I sat there and I read about a man who lived forever and was happy. And the world disappeared and for a brief moment I was no longer a slave.

From that moment on I plotted my escape. And every day since, I figure out new ways to escape, new ways to be free. New ways to own my world, I found others in my world now. I am still working on it. We are working on it together. I love and will do anything for these people.


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The “world’s most popular innovation website” is In an article, they listed the most important things the top companies do that create an exceptional Intrapreneurial culture. It was good. They read my mind. Here is the Top 10 they suggested:

1. Look for it

“Building an intrapreneurial culture isn’t about ‘creating’ intrapreneurs; invariably they already exist within the organisation, they just need to be discovered, nurtured, and loved.”. Who are your entreployees?

2. Be inclusive

“An intrapreneurial culture builds value across the workforce, which is predicated upon giving people a voice in their own work.”

3. Give people ownership

“To create an intrapreneurial culture, people must be empowered to make decisions—empowered to have ownership. In this respect, employees need to be encouraged to create solutions independently of the chain of command.” - Encourage them to look at all the options that can be open to them with in their full-time/part-time job.

4. Make risk-taking okay

“As intrapreneurs make decisions, they must be willing to take intelligent risks and, although fully prepared to be held accountable, not fear persecution or ridicule if they fail.”

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5. Include all employees

“DreamWorks, a famously inclusive and intrapreneurial business, encourages creativity from all its employees, even support staff such as accountants and lawyers. According to Dan Satterthwaite, Head of Human Resources, they actively solicit ideas and regularly receive hundreds from staff across the business.”

6. Offer room to play around

“A practised method for promoting intrapreneurship is to give individuals allocated time away from their ‘day jobs’ in order to encourage their creative processes.”. Let them think of their time in a constructive way. How can they maximise their day and find those bonus hours to follow their dreams?

7. Celebrate and reward intrapreneurial behaviour

 “Celebrate intrapreneurial successes and the people behind them—whether individuals or teams. Recognition and reward will act as significant affirmations for the intrapreneur and provide them with reasons to stay, continue to add value, and grow their contributions in the future.”

8. Encourage collaboration

“A great misconception of intrapreneurship is that it is an individual sport. For any intrapreneurial venture to succeed, collaboration is required.”

9. Get to “yes” quickly

“By shortening or circumventing the [process of getting to yes], companies can be more reactive to opportunities; drive innovation by activating a constant stream of ideas; and create a broad intrapreneurial culture leading to more engaged and empowered employees.”

10. Create and allocate a funding pot for intrapreneurial initiatives

“One of the biggest hurdles for intrapreneurial ventures is the inability to secure the necessary resources, at the right time, in order to move the project forward. By carving out a funding pool specifically to be used to seed intrapreneurs, companies can enable greater traction for new ideas and thus increase the likelihood of creating new, sustainable business streams.”


It is rare for companies to be able to hang onto their best talent. Yet, organisations (and not just businesses) that foster intrapreneurship have a distinct advantage. By encouraging staff to be innovative within the workplace, by giving them the tools, resources, and recognition that makes playing in this arena worthwhile, innovative, intrapreneurial organisations reap numerous benefits, including, and especially, a highly engaged workforce, and better products and services to sell.

Intrapreneurship is a powerful way to tap into, and get the best out of, your staff and your business. With it, you not only create a highly engaged workforce, but you will help foster the best in your business, and create some incredible products and services as a result. That is the power of intrapreneurship

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WeekendHack StartUp School

Hack into your unlimited potential this weekend
we have created 100s of ideas and dreams into  a breathing reality

As a Full-time employees, find the time to achieve your dreams
of becoming your own boss. Over one intensive weekend, we give you
the time and the correct resources to StartUp your own business.

We help you construct dreams and ideas in the reality you desire


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My dad said to me, “You are a lucky guy”.

He never was around when I was growing up. I am getting to know him now. Maybe I am lucky. Luck seems to strike only when you take initiatives, in all my life situations. Even with him, I initiated the connection between us. We also spoke about Love. He wondered has love stuck.

What’s he on about. Love was the most disgusting thing in the world to me. Love was living in another neighbourhood right now. Maybe on another planet, I can't seem to find the fuel for my rocket right now. Maybe because I haven't taken the initiative to find the oil field.

Luck was all about rolling the dice. Or finding a coin on the ground. Or seeing a double rainbow after a quick storm. I feel old. I need luck to be constantly transfused into me or I run out of it.

Without luck, I’m dead. For me, good luck equals happiness. On a scale of happiness from 0 to 10, I think I’m about a seven or eight. But that’s a big improvement. When I was lying on the floor here, the same spot I type from, I was probably about a zero. Or at different points in this story, I was maybe at negative. So I’m trending upwards. I tried to improve my life 1% everyday over the past 4 years. I am 1465% better.

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I started to get lucky when I stick to three simple goals in my life:

My Only Three Goals in Life

1. I want to be happy.
2. I want to eradicate unhappiness in my life.
3. I want every day to be as smooth as possible. No hassles.

That’s it. I’m not asking for much. I need simple goals, or else I can’t achieve them. I hit that negative at age 2, I didn’t understand this until I was 16. In the last 10 years, at least 10 times, I hit so low that, I felt like I would never achieve the above three things and the world would be better off without me. Other times I felt like I was stuck at a crossroads and would never figure out which road to take. Each time I bounced back.

When I look back at these times now, I tried to find the common thread to let me do this. Each time there were four things, and only four things, that were always in place in order for me to bounce back.

Now I try to incorporate these four things into a daily practice so I never dip low again.

1. Physical
2. Emotional
3. Mental, and
4. Spiritual

My Daily Practice 

1. Physical – being in shape. Doing some form of exercise.

In 2012 I woke up at 5 a.m. every day and from 5-6 a.m. I ran or played basketball. I am fat still but I felt good physically. Every day (even when it rained). Trains would pass and people at 5:30 a.m. walking their dogs will say hello. They all seemed so happy at 5.30. Maybe it’s a secret for happiness.

All you need to do, in a minimalist way, exercise enough to break a sweat for 10 minutes. So about 20-30 minutes worth of exercise a day. This is not to get “ripped” or “shredded”. But just to be healthy. I felt confident. I have slacked in the past 3 months. The daily practise are never perfect. We all try. We are human. We all fail. Then we try again. Creating a schedule of my week was the best thing I have ever done. Time management is key to the daily practice.

You can’t be happy if you aren’t healthy. Also, spending this time helps your mind better deal with its daily anxieties. If you can breathe easy when your body is in pain then its easier to breathe during difficult situations.

Here’s other things that are a part of this but a little bit harder:

1: Wake up by 4-5 a.m. every day.
2: Go to sleep by 8:30-9. (Good to sleep 8 hours a night!)
3: No eating after 5:30 p.m. Can’t dream happy if indigested at night.


2. Emotional – If someone is a drag on me, I cut them out.

If someone lifts me up, I bring them closer. Over the past 2 years, I have cut out 95% of the people in my life. I only have time for my family and friends I can count in one hand.

These are people I will give my life for. If a plane is going down, put the oxygen mask on your face first. Then family, friends, people I love – I always try to be there for them and help. I don’t have people wasting my time anymore. Or taking advantage anymore. I don’t get close to anyone bringing me down. This rule will never again be broken.

Energy leaks out of you if someone is draining you. And I never owe anyone an explanation. Explaining is draining. Along this, another important rule: always be honest. Its fun. Nobody is honest anymore and people are afraid of it. Try being honest for a day (without being hurtful). It’s amazing where the boundaries are of how honest one can be. It’s much bigger than I thought.

A consequence I have learnt of this is: I no longer do anything I don’t want to do anymore. For the first time I promised to do something and wasn’t able to deliver. I was in a bad situation. I prioritised. It’s something I just couldn’t bring myself to do. I was at a low point. It wasn’t going to help me. Sorry Robin.

Practise saying No. You are not obliged to anything anymore. Not to anyone.


3. Mental – Every day I write down ideas. 10 ideas, yesterday I didn’t do any. Day before I came up with 110 ideas for 11 target clients. It hurts my head to come up with one more. Then I try to write down five more. I couldn’t come up with anymore.

Today I targeted 10 – Came up with 30 ideas for #WeekendHack. It definitely stretched my head. Need ideas for lists of ideas for business services for your start-up? Try to think of 10 ideas you can start from home (and be realistic how you can execute them).

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Give me 10 ideas of directions this blog can go in.  Think of 20 ways Teresa May can improve the country. List every productive thing you did yesterday (this improves memory also and gives you ideas for today). The “idea muscle” atrophies within days if you don’t use it. Just like walking. If you don’t use your legs for a week, they atrophy.

You need to exercise the idea muscle. It takes about 3-6 months to build up once it atrophies. Trust me on this.

Write down the ideas and then throw it in the bin. 10 ideas everyday = 3650 ideas every year. Not all of them are going to be good. Most of them are going to be atrocious. But, you only need one great idea. When you come across this idea, it will obsess you like a disease.


4. Spiritual – I feel that most people don’t like the word “spiritual.” They think it means “god.” Or “religion.” But it doesn’t. I don’t know what it means actually. But I feel like I have a spiritual practice when I do one of the following:

1: Pray
(doesn’t matter if I’m praying to a god or to dead people or to the sun or to a chair in front of me – it just means being thankful. And not taking all the credit, for just a few seconds of the day).

2: Meditate
Meditation for more than a few minutes is hard. It’s boring. You can also meditate for 15 seconds by really visualising what it would be like meditate for 60 minutes. Here’s a simple meditation: sit in a chair, keep the back straight, watch yourself breathe. If you get distracted, no problem. Just pull yourself back to your breath. Try it for 1 minute. Then two.

3: Being grateful
I try to think of everyone in my life I’m grateful for. Then I try to think of more people. Then more. It’s hard.

4: Forgiving
I picture everyone who has done me wrong. I visualise gratefulness for them (but not pity).

5: Studying
If I read a spiritual text (doesn’t matter what it is: Quran, Bible, Tao Te Ching, anything Zen related, even inspirational self-help stuff, doesn’t matter) I tend to feel good. This is not as powerful as praying or meditating (it doesn’t train your mind to cut out the BS) but it still makes me feel good.

My own experience: I can never achieve the three “simple” goals on a steady basis without doing the above practice on a daily basis. And every time I’ve hit bottom (or close to a bottom, or I’ve been at some sort of crossroads) and started dong the above 4 items magic would happen:

The Results

1: Within about one month, I’d notice coincidences start to happen. I’d start to feel lucky. People would smile at me more.

2: Within three months the ideas would really start flowing, to the point where I felt overwhelming urges to execute the ideas.

3: Within six months, good ideas would start flowing, I’d begin executing them, and everyone around me would help me put everything together.

4: Within a year my life was always completely different. 100% upside down from the year before. More money, more luck, more health, etc.

And then I’d get lazy and stop doing the practice. And everything falls apart again. But now I’m trying to do it every day. It’s hard to do all of this every day. Nobody is perfect. I don’t know if I’ll do all of these things today. But I know when I do it, it works. I wish someone was here to help me when I was down. People are busy with their own life problems. I want to practise 2 – Emotional right now. I want to show gratitude for being in a position to be able to help other.

If you are anywhere from negative to 5 on the scale. Let me know.

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Working Full Time and being able to manage your time most appropriately is something best done as early as possible.
Take it from my mistake of not utilising my time effectively for 6 years. I didn’t know how many hours I was working. In the past 2 years,104 hours as it turned out. Sleeping 5 hours a day. I felt like an additional cast to the Walking Dead.

The earlier in life that you start, the better such skills will stick with you. Mastering these time management hacks will help set you up for a bit more happiness in what you do. Allow you to create extra time in your day. Those bonus hours you can use to follow your dreams. Start a business or spend those work hours and a little bit of personal time to be an entreployee!

You don’t have to religiously stick to it soon as you make it – but it will give you a guideline.

There are 168 hours in a week. Your job takes up 40, your sleep takes up 56, and you are still left with 72 hours to build your business. You can utilise those 72 hours. For making you the best of what you can be.

1 - Use a calendar app or calendar notebook. Hack I use a simple excel page (in the startup toolboox!)

Keeping all of your appointments in your head is ineffective. I have let many people down.
Writing it down – has this strange effective aurora to make to commit to it. Create a simple excel sheet (which you can find in the Business StartUp Kit, then buy a small diary and also use something like Google Calendar or the one in your smart phone.

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The first rocket to the moon was around the same tech power as your phone. We use it for cat videos and people getting KO’d for pranking the wrong girl. This is the least we can do to make our life better with in the era of technology.

2 - Use a task management tool – write it down

I hate to-do list. It’s BS. It keeps growing. However it’s crucial to have a list you want to achieve. Every morning, work out what needs to be done. Then, remembering the 80/20 rule. Write down 3 things you would like to achieve by end of the day.

3 - 8 hours sleep each day

Your work reflects you.
When I was sleeping 5 hours everyday. I did mediocre in everything.
I felt like a clown at the end of every day.

I wanted to be the Luckiest guy in the world. When I started to look after myself physically. My work started to look physically good too.

4 - Review of the past 7 days

Warren Buffet was king at this. You have to manage yourself. Learning how to do a weekly review is one of the best time management habits one can develop. Go through the following steps:

– First, review your calendar for the past week and the current week – look for loose ends, meetings and other matters that need further attention.

– Second, review your interaction with everyone. What did you do right and how can you improve your conversation with them?

– Third, review your goals for the year and make plans to work on them in the coming week. My life changes every 6 months, week by week. Understand what you can do next.

Repeating past mistakes is one of the worst ways to misuse your limited time. That’s why it makes sense to have review your self, work, your ability to deliver and your habits regularly.

5 - Plan to achieve 2 hours of real work per day

You been working all day. You need motivation. Don’t push yourself. From the 80/20 rule. Do what excites you but is equally important. Each minute adds up. Make the most of it.

6 - Single task at a time

Multitasking is a wasteful way to work. Instead, you will achieve more if you choose one activity at a time. You are not a cyborg. Even cyborgs can’t multi-task well. They keep falling down. Enjoy being in the moment.

7 - Separate strategic and “brain dead” tasks

Focus on what will take you forward. Most times, the 80% will disappear by executing the 20%.

8 - Accomplish large projects by bite-size smaller tasks

Bite-size over couple of days or weeks. Even months. Over-night success comes from 6 years of hard work. Be ready for it. but don’t force yourself.

9 - Learn to delegate tasks effectively at work

One can generate their self in to clones! Where your clones are better then you. What can be outsourced – find a freelancer to do it for you. So you can focus on the things only you can personally do. Focus on what you are good at.

10 - Set deadlines for every task

Giving deadlines to your self is one of the best ways to move forward. A task without a deadline is likely to frustrate you after all.

11 - Schedule travel time on your calendar

Travel time is a reality that we need to learn to manage. For example, you may realise that it takes you 10 minutes to travel from your main office building to a nearby client building.

Punctuality is key. I’ve always disliked being late and I also find it to be incredibly disrespectful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or a carpenter, a politician or a painter, a model or a musician, we all only have 24 hours in a day, and no one’s time is more important than anybody else’s.

12 - Put personal rest and relaxation on your calendar

You can be the luckiest person in the world. Of the 4 key skills for it is physical and spiritual aspect. If you are driven to achieve results, it is easy to neglect yourself and work all the time.

That’s why it you should always have time on your schedule for enjoyable activities.

13 - Celebrate the small things

I try to improve by 1% everyday. It makes me 365% better at the end of every year. That is a big achievement. I try to celebrate that 1% everyday in a small way.

Make time. If needed, cancel something from your week to celebrate. Go out for a hike with a friend. Coffee and do nothing at Costa for an hour or take your family out for a dinner. You deserve it.


14 - Learn to say no effectively

Saying yes to new responsibilities is a great way to grow your career when you first get started. Then you start doing things you hate. You start to hate the person because they need it done and you don’t want to do it any more. Then you start to hate yourself because you start to let people down. Then everyone hates you because you have no punctuality. Shooot*#@?!

Learning to say NO was the best thing ever started to do. I only say YES to things that I am passionate about and where it will add value mutually to me and those around me. Understanding yourself is essential to managing your time. For example, if your top value is family then you will have to manage your work requirements according to that value. Say YES to your family.

Discover what is valuable to you.

15 - Admit mistakes quickly and move on

Stop covering up. Stop lying to others and to yourself. If you make a mistake. Own up to it and move on. Don’t wastes everyone’s time including your own. You can achieve much more in life if you admit your mistakes, solve the problem and move on. 70% of success is failure. Mistake is a failure you learn from.


People who care about you will forgive you. If they don’t, then say NO. You don’t need those around you who won’t support your flaws that you are trying to change. If you are not trying to change your flaws, then they will cut you out of your life. How are you adding value to yourself and those around you?

Time is a tool that allows you to develop ideas to add value to yourself and those around you. I love my network because they add value to me and I try my hardest to do the same back. Maximising my time tool has allowed me to utilise the value I can add to those in my network.

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Need Business Advice

We can provide full existing and business start-up solutions.

  • grants
  • finance and loans
  • brand and Marketing management
  • business support eg: startup advice, mentoring, consultancy
  • funding for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups
  • outsourcing business department support
  • problem and creative idea solutionsContact me on or contact our BYAE team on +7789 300 190


  1. Wagons & Carts Business -
  2. Wake-Up Call Service -
  3. Wakeboards & Equipment Business -
  4. Walking Canes Business - .
  5. Wall & Ceiling Cleaning Service -
  6. Wall Coatings & Finishes Business -
  7. Wall Decor Business -
  8. Wall Units Business -
  9. Wallboard & Plasterboard Business -
  10. Wallpaper & Wallcovering Installation Business -
  11. Wallpaper & Wallcovering Removal Business -
  12. Wallpaper & Wallcoverings Contractors Business -
  13. Wallpaper Designers Business -
  14. Wallpaper Removal Equipment Rental Business -
  15. Wallpaper Store -
  16. Wardrobes Business -
  17. Warehouse Business -
  18. Warehouse Distributors Business -
  19. Warehouse Equipment Business -
  20. Warehouse Leasing Business -
  21. Warehouse Rental Business -
  22. Warehouse Representatives Business -
  23. Washing Machine & Dryer Parts & Supplies Dealership -
  24. Washing Machine & Dryer Rental & Leasing Business -
  25. Washing Machine & Dryer Repair Business -
  26. Washing Machine, Dryer, & Ironer Dealership -
  27. Waste Compactors Service & Repair Business -
  28. Waste Disposal Equipment & Supplies Business -
  29. Waste Management Business -
  30. Waste Management Equipment & Supplies Business -
  31. Waste Paper Business -
  32. Waste Paper Buyers Business -
  33. Waste Reduction Consulting Practice -
  34. Waste Textiles Business -
  35. Waste Treatment & Removal Service -
  36. Wastewater Control Equipment Business -
  37. Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Business -
  38. Wastewater Treatment Engineering Firm -
  39. Watches Retailer -
  40. Watches Service & Repair Business -
  41. Watches Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  42. Watchmakers' Equipment & Supplies Business -
  43. Watchmen's Clocks & Systems Business -
  44. Water & Sewage Companies Business -
  45. Water Analysis Equipment & Supplies Business -
  46. Water Bed Parts & Supplies Business -
  47. Water Beds Retail Business -
  48. Water Beds Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  49. Water Blasting Equipment & Systems Business -
  50. Water Blasting Services Business -
  51. Water Conservation Business -
  52. Water Consultants Business -
  53. Water Cooler & Fountain Rental Business -
  54. Water Cooler & Fountain Repair Business -
  55. Water Coolers & Fountains Equipment & Supplies Business -
  56. Water Coolers & Fountains Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers Business -
  57. Water Coolers Retail Business -
  58. Water Distillation Systems Business -
  59. Water Extraction & Damage Restoration Business -
  60. Water Filters Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  61. Water Filtration & Purification Equipment Commercial Business -
  62. Water Filtration & Purification Equipment Retail Business -
  63. Water Filtration & Purification Equipment Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  64. Water Gardens & Fountains Commercial Business -
  65. Water Gardens, Fountains, & Ponds Business -
  66. Water Hauling Business -
  67. Water Heater Parts & Supplies Business -
  68. Water Heater Repair Business -
  69. Water Heaters Business -
  70. Water Heaters Industrial Business -
  71. Water Heaters Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  72. Water Mains & Waterworks Business -
  73. Water Meter Inspection & Reading Business -
  74. Water Parks & Slides Business -
  75. Water Pollution Control Equipment & Systems Business -
  76. Water Pressure Cleaning Services, Equipment, & Supplies Business -
  77. Water Purification Services Business -
  78. Water Recycling & Pretreatment Business -
  79. Water Resources Engineers Business -
  80. Water Rights Surveyors Business -
  81. Water Skiing Business -
  82. Water Skiing Equipment & Supplies Business -
  83. Water Skiing School -
  84. Water Softeners & Supplies Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  85. Water Softening & Conditioning Equipment & Supplies Rental Business -
  86. Water Softening & Conditioning Equipment, Service, & Supplies Business -
  87. Water Sports Business -
  88. Water Sports Equipment & Supplies Dealers Business -
  89. Water Sports Equipment Rental Business -
  90. Water Supply Engineers Business -
  91. Water Taxis Business -
  92. Water Testing Laboratories Business -
  93. Water Transportation Business -
  94. Water Treatment Business -
  95. Water Treatment Chemicals Business -
  96. Water Treatment Systems Commercial & Industrial Business -
  97. Water Treatment Systems Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  98. Water Trucks Business -
  99. Water Utility Companies Business -
  100. Water Well Abandonment Service Business -
  101. Water Well Drilling & Service Business -
  102. Water Well Drilling & Service Commercial & Industrial Business -
  103. Water Well Inspection & Testing Business -
  104. Water Well Locating Business -
  105. Water Well Pumps Sales & Service Business -
  106. Waterbeds Service & Repair Business -
  107. Waterfront Restaurant -
  108. Waterjet Cutting Services Business -
  109. Waterproofing Contractors Business -
  110. Waterproofing Contractors Commercial & Industrial Business-
  111. Waterproofing Materials Business -
  112. Waterworks Equipment & Supplies Business -
  113. Wax Business -
  114. Waxing Hair Removal Business -
  115. Weather & Meteorology Consultants Business -
  116. Weather & Meteorology Services Business -
  117. Weather Forecasts Services Business -
  118. Weather Instruments Business -
  119. Weather Stripping Business -
  120. Weather Vanes Business -
  121. Weaving Equipment & Supplies Retail Business -
  122. Weaving Looms Business -
  123. Web Conferencing Business -
  124. Web Site Design Business -
  125. Web Site Developers Business -
  126. Web Site Hosting Business -
  127. Web Site Libraries Business -
  128. Web Sites Business -
  129. Webbing Business -
  130. Wedding Alterations & Tailoring Business -
  131. Wedding Candles Business -
  132. Wedding Caterers Business -
  133. Wedding Centerpieces Business -
  134. Wedding Ceremonies Business -
  135. Wedding Chapel -
  136. Wedding Consultants Business -
  137. Wedding Decoration Consultants Business -
  138. Wedding Dresses Business -
  139. Wedding Entertainment Business -
  140. Wedding Equipment & Supplies Business -
  141. Wedding Equipment & Supplies Rental Business -
  142. Wedding Equipment & Supplies Retail Business -
  143. Wedding Equipment & Supplies Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  144. Wedding Facilities Business -
  145. Wedding Flowers Business -
  146. Wedding Gifts & Favours Business -
  147. Wedding Gown Dry Cleaners Business -
  148. Wedding Guides Business -
  149. Wedding Information & Referral Services Business -
  150. Wedding Invitation Printing Business -
  151. Wedding Invitations & Announcements Business -
  152. Wedding Jewellery Business -
  153. Wedding Photography Business -
  154. Wedding Receptions & Parties Business -
  155. Wedding Services Business -
  156. Wedding Tents Business -
  157. Weddings Business -
  158. Weed Control Equipment & Supplies Retail Business -
  159. Weed Control Services Business -
  160. Weigh Stations Business -
  161. Weight Control Center -
  162. Weight Loss & Control Business -
  163. Weight Loss & Control Consultants Business -
  164. Weight Loss & Control Equipment & Supplies Business -
  165. Weight Loss & Control Programs Business -
  166. Weight Training Center -
  167. Weights Business -
  168. Welcome Services Business -
  169. Welding & Industrial Oxygen Business -
  170. Welding Commercial & Industrial Business -
  171. Welding Contractors Business -
  172. Welding Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers Business -
  173. Welding Equipment & Supplies Retail Business -
  174. Welding Equipment Rental Business -
  175. Welding Equipment Repair Business -
  176. Welding Fittings Business -
  177. Welding Inspections & Consulting Business -
  178. Welding Repairs Business -
  179. Welding Residential Business -
  180. Welding Rods Business -
  181. Welding Services Business -
  182. Well Drilling Equipment & Supplies Business -
  183. Wellpoint & Dewatering Systems Business -
  184. West Indian Restaurant -
  185. Western Clothing Retail Business -
  186. Western Clothing Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  187. Wetlands Consultants Business -
  188. Whale Watching Business -
  189. Wheel Balancing Business -
  190. Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps Commercial Business -
  191. Wheelchair Lifts & Scooters Business -
  192. Wheelchair Rental & Leasing Business -
  193. Wheelchair Repair Business -
  194. Wheelchair Retail Business -
  195. Wheelchairs Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  196. Wheels & Wheel Covers Retail Business -
  197. Wheels Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  198. Whirlpool Bath Equipment & Supplies Dealers Business -
  199. Whirlpool Baths Service & Repair Business -
  200. Whistleblower Attorneys Business -
  201. Whitewashing Business -
  202. Wholesale & Growers' Nurseries Business -
  203. Wholesale & Manufacturer of Pajamas -
  204. Wholesale & Manufacturer of Pallets & Skids Business -
  205. Wholesale & Manufacturers Art Goods Business -
  206. Wholesale & Manufacturers Gas Engines Business -
  207. Wholesale & Manufacturers Hardware Business -
  208. Wholesale & Manufacturers Ice Cream Cone Business -
  209. Wholesale & Manufacturers Painting Equipment & Supplies Business -
  210. Wholesale Art Business -
  211. Wholesale Art Supply Business -
  212. Wholesale Artificial Flowers Supplies Business -
  213. Wholesale Distributors Business -
  214. Wholesale Dry Cleaners Business -
  215. Wholesale Ice Business -
  216. Wholesale Jacket Business -
  217. Wholesale Janitors Equipment & Supplies Business -
  218. Wholesale Laundries Business -
  219. Wholesale Natural Marble Business -
  220. Wholesale Office Furniture & Equipment Business -
  221. Wholesale Office Supplies Business -
  222. Wholesale or Manufacturer of Labels & Tags Business -
  223. Wholesale or Manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Business -
  224. Wholesale or Manufacturer of Lace -
  225. Wholesale Paper & Plastic Cups, Containers, & Utensils Business -
  226. Wholesale Photofinishing Business -
  227. Wholesale Quilting Materials & Supplies Business -
  228. Wholesale Salt Business -
  229. Wholesale Sand & Gravel Business -
  230. Wholesale T-Shirt Business -
  231. Wholesale Tanks Business -
  232. Wholesale Umbrella & Manufacturer Business -
  233. Wholesale Upholstery Business -
  234. Wholesale Upholstery Fabric Business -
  235. Wholesale Vacuum Cleaner Parts & Supplies Business -
  236. Wholesale Vacuum Cleaners Business -
  237. Wholesale Valves & Fittings Business -
  238. Wholesale Ventilating Equipment & Supplies Business -
  239. Wholesale Wallpaper & Wallcovering Business -
  240. Wholesale Washing Machines & Dryers Business -
  241. Wholesale Yarn Business -
  242. Wholesale Yoghurt Business -
  243. Wholesaler & Manufacturer of Badges -
  244. Wholesaler & Manufacturer of Hand Tools -
  245. Wholesaler & Manufacturer of Handbags -
  246. Wholesaler & Manufacturer of Handles -
  247. Wholesaler & Manufacturer Vending Machine Parts & Supplies Business -
  248. Wholesaler or Manufacturer of Easels -
  249. Wholesaler or Manufacturer of Jeans -
  250. Wholesaler or Manufacturer of Lacquers -
  251. Wholesaler or Manufacturer of Ladders -
  252. Wholesaler or Manufacturer of Watch Bands -
  253. Wicker Furniture Business -
  254. Wigs & Hairpieces Retail Business -
  255. Wigs & Hairpieces Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  256. Wilderness Outfitters' Guides & Tours Business -
  257. Wildlife Environmental Services Business -
  258. Wildlife Feeders & Accessories Business -
  259. Wildlife Management Business -
  260. Wildlife Refuges & Nature Preserves Business -
  261. Wildlife Removal & Preservation Business -
  262. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Business -
  263. Wildlife Services Business -
  264. Winches Industrial Business -
  265. Wind Energy Systems Business -
  266. Windchimes & Windsocks Business -
  267. Windmills Business -
  268. Window Cleaning Business -
  269. Window Cleaning Commercial & Industrial Business -
  270. Window Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Business -
  271. Window Contractors Business -
  272. Window Coverings Installation, Cleaning, & Repair Business -
  273. Window Coverings Retail Business -
  274. Window Coverings Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  275. Window Glass Coating & Tinting Business -
  276. Window Installation Business -
  277. Window Repair & Replacement Business -
  278. Window Safety Film Business -
  279. Window Shades Commercial & Industrial Business -
  280. Window Shades Equipment & Supplies Business -
  281. Window Shades Installation, Cleaning, & Repair Business -
  282. Window Shades Retail & Custom Business -
  283. Window Shades Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  284. Window Tinting & Coating Materials Business -
  285. Windows & Parts Dealers Business -
  286. Windows Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  287. Windshield Wipers Retail Business -
  288. Windstorm Insurance Business -
  289. Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Business -
  290. Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Equipment & Supplies Retail Business -
  291. Wine & Distilled Beverages Retail Business -
  292. Wine Accessories Business -
  293. Wine Bar -
  294. Wine Consultants Business -
  295. Wine Storage Equipment & Supplies Business -
  296. Winemaking Equipment & Supplies Business -
  297. Wineries Equipment & Supplies Business -
  298. Winery -
  299. Wines Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  300. Wiping Cloths Business -
  301. Wire & Wire Product Manufacturers Business -
  302. Wire & Wire Products Business -
  303. Wire Cloth Business -
  304. Wire Drawing Equipment Business -
  305. Wire Forming & Working Equipment Business -
  306. Wire Forms Manufacturers Business -
  307. Wire Rope & Cable Business -
  308. Wire Spooling & Coiling Business -
  309. Wire Working Business -
  310. Wireless Communications Business -
  311. Wireless Data Services Business -
  312. Wiring Cable Business -
  313. Women's Accessories Retail Business -
  314. Women's Accessories Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  315. Women's Clothing Contract Manufacturers Business -
  316. Women's Clothing Retail Large Sizes Business -
  317. Women's Clothing Store -
  318. Women's Clothing Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  319. Women's Crisis Intervention Services Business -
  320. Women's Health Information & Referral Services Business -
  321. Women's Health Practice -
  322. Women's Information & Referral Services Business -
  323. Women's Organizations Business -
  324. Women's Shoe Store -
  325. Women's Sportswear Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  326. Women's Sweaters Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  327. Women's Underwear & Lingerie Retail Business -
  328. Women's Underwear & Lingerie Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  329. Women's Uniforms Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  330. Wood & Laminates Flooring Business -
  331. Wood & Wood Products Business -
  332. Wood Beams Business -
  333. Wood Blinds Business -
  334. Wood Burning Furnaces Business -
  335. Wood Carving & Turning Business -
  336. Wood Carvings Retail Business -
  337. Wood Chipping Business -
  338. Wood Doors Business -
  339. Wood Finishing & Graining Business -
  340. Wood Finishing Supplies Business -
  341. Wood Finishing, Refinishing, & Repair Services Business -
  342. Wood Floor Refinishing & Resurfacing Business -
  343. Wood Pellets Business -
  344. Wood Preservatives Business -
  345. Wood Preserving & Restoration Business -
  346. Wood Products Manufacturers Business -
  347. Wood Stairs Business -
  348. Wood Waste & Recycling Business -
  349. Wood Windows Business -
  350. Wood Windows Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  351. Woodcrafter Supply Business -
  352. Wooden Boxes Business -
  353. Wooden Buildings Business -
  354. Woodenware Retail Business -
  355. Woodworking Business -
  356. Woodworking Machinery, Equipment, & Supplies Business -
  357. Woodworking Machinery, Equipment, & Supplies Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  358. Woolen Fabrics Retail Business -
  359. Woolen Fabrics Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  360. Word Processing Employment Agencies Business -
  361. Word Processing Equipment & Supplies Business -
  362. Word Processing Equipment Maintenance Business -
  363. Work Clothing Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  364. Work Gloves Retail Business -
  365. Work Gloves Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  366. Workers' Compensation Attorneys Business -
  367. Workers' Compensation Consulting Business -
  368. Workers' Compensation Insurance Business -
  369. Workstations & Servers Business -
  370. Worm Business -
  371. Wreaths Retail Business -
  372. Wrecker Dealers Business -
  373. Wrecking & Demolition Contractors Business -
  374. Wrestling School -
  375. Writers Business -
  376. Writing Consultants Business -
  377. Writing School -
  378. Writing Services Business -
  379. Wrongful Death Attorneys Business -
  380. Wrongful Termination Law Practice -

Need Business Advice

We can provide full existing and business start-up solutions.

  • grants
  • finance and loans
  • brand and Marketing management
  • business support eg: startup advice, mentoring, consultancy
  • funding for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups
  • outsourcing business department support
  • problem and creative idea solutions

    Contact me on or contact our BYAE team on +7789 300 190



  1. Vacation Rentals Business -
  2. Vacuum & Pressure Forming Plastic Manufacturer -
  3. Vacuum Cleaner Parts & Supplies Dealership -
  4. Vacuum Cleaner Rental Business -
  5. Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service Business -
  6. Vacuum Cleaning Business -
  7. Vacuum Cleaning Contractor Business -
  8. Vacuum Cleaning Systems Business -
  9. Vacuum Deposition Coatings Business -
  10. Vacuum Pressure & Thermoforming Plastic Business -
  11. Valances Retailer -
  12. Valet Parking Service -
  13. Valves & Fittings Repair Business -
  14. Valves & Fittings Retail Business -
  15. Van & Truck Conversions & Accessories Business
  16. Van Accessories Business -
  17. Van Dealership -
  18. Van Leasing Business -
  19. Van Rental Business -
  20. Variable Speed Drives Business -
  21. Variety Store -
  22. Vascular Medicine Practice -
  23. Vault Doors Business -
  24. Vegetable Farm -
  25. Vegetable Oils Business -
  26. Vegetarian Food Retailer -
  27. Vegetarian Restaurant -
  28. Vending Brokers Business -
  29. Vending Cart Business -
  30. Vending Machine Dealership -
  31. Vending Machine Merchandise Business -
  32. Vending Machine Parts & Supplies Dealership -
  33. Vending Machines Service & Repair Business -
  34. Vending Machines Wholesale & Manufacturer -
  35. Venetian Blinds Business -
  36. Vent Hood Cleaning Business -
  37. Ventilating & Exhaust Fan Business -
  38. Ventilating Contractors Business -
  39. Ventilating Equipment & Supplies Business -
  40. Ventilating Systems Cleaning Business -
  41. Ventriloquists Business -
  42. Venture Capital Firm -
  43. Vertical Blinds Retailer -
  44. Veterans' Affairs Business -
  45. Veterinarians & Animal Hospitals Business -
  46. Veterinarians & Animal Hospitals Information & Referral Services Business -
  47. Veterinarians' Equipment & Supplies Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  48. Veterinary Dentistry Practice -
  49. Veterinary Laboratory -
  50. Viatical & Senior Settlements Business -
  51. Vibration Control & Measurement Business -
  52. Vibration Measurement Equipment & Service Business -
  53. Vibrators Industrial Business -
  54. Video Adventure Game Dealers Business -
  55. Video Arcades & Internet Gaming Center -
  56. Video Cameras Sales, Service, & Repair Business -
  57. Video Consultants Business -
  58. Video Equipment & Supplies Installation, Service & Repair Business -
  59. Video Equipment & Supplies Rental & Leasing Business -
  60. Video Equipment & Systems Professional & Industrial Business -
  61. Video Equipment Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  62. Video Equipment, Parts, & Supplies Retail Business -
  63. Video Gambling Machines Business -
  64. Video Game Equipment & Supplies Business -
  65. Video Game Service & Repair Business -
  66. Video Games Business -
  67. Video Games Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  68. Video Packaging Business -
  69. Video Production Services Business -
  70. Video Production Services Commercial Business -
  71. Video Recorders & Players Service & Repair Business -
  72. Video Tape & DVD Duplication Services Commercial Business -
  73. Video Tape Editing Business -
  74. Video Tape, CD, & DVD Duplication & Transfer Services Business -
  75. Video Tapes & DVD Distribution Business -
  76. Video Tapes, Discs, & DVD Dealers Commercial Business -
  77. Video Tapes, Discs, & DVDs Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  78. Video Conferencing Equipment & Systems Business -
  79. Video Conferencing Services Business -
  80. Videography Business -
  81. Videotape Advertising Business -
  82. Vietnamese Restaurant -
  83. Villas Business -
  84. Vinegar Retail Business -
  85. Vinegar Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  86. Vineyard -
  87. Vineyards Equipment & Supplies Business -
  88. Vinyl & Acrylic Windows Business -
  89. Vinyl Doors & Windows Business -
  90. Vinyl Fences Business -
  91. Vinyl Floor Installation Business -
  92. Vinyl Flooring Retail Business -
  93. Vinyl Flooring Wholesale & Manufacture Business -
  94. Vinyl Lettering Business -
  95. Vinyl Repair Business -
  96. Violin Shop -
  97. Virtual Hosting Providers Business -
  98. Virtual Reality Computer Dealers Business -
  99. Virtual Reality Game Equipment & Supplies Business -
  100. Vistor's Center -
  101. Visual Aids Business -
  102. Visual Arts Business -
  103. Visual Training & Therapy Optometrists Business -
  104. Vital Records Storage Business -
  105. Vitamins & Food Supplements Retail Business -
  106. Vitamins & Food Supplements Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  107. Vocal Music School -
  108. Vocational & Educational Test Publishers Business -
  109. Vocational School for the Mentally Challenged -
  110. Voice & Diction Improvement Business -
  111. Voice Mail Business Systems & Services Business -
  112. Voice Mail Equipment & Systems Business -
  113. Voice Mail Services Business -
  114. Voice Over Internet Protocol Equipment & Services Business-
  115. Voice Recognition Systems Business -
  116. Voice Response Systems & Services Business -
  117. Volleyball Clubs & Organizations Business -
  118. Volleyball Courts Business -
  119. Voltage Regulators Business -
  120. Volunteer Search & Rescue Business -
  121. Volunteer Services Business -
  122. Voter Registration Business -
  123. Voting Machines & Equipment Business -

Need Business Advice

We can provide full existing and business start-up solutions.

  • grants
  • finance and loans
  • brand and Marketing management
  • business support eg: startup advice, mentoring, consultancy
  • funding for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups
  • outsourcing business department support
  • problem and creative idea solutionsContact me on or contact our BYAE team on +7789 300 190


  1. Ultralight Aircraft Business -
  2. Ultrasonic Equipment & Supplies Dealership -
  3. Ultrasonic Testing Laboratory -
  4. Ultrasound Medical Imaging Business - .
  5. Ultraviolet Equipment & Products Business -
  6. Umbrella Retailer -
  7. Underground Conduit Business -
  8. Underground Storage Tank Business -
  9. Underground Storage Tank Removal Business -
  10. Underground Utilities Contractor Business -
  11. Underground Wire & Cable Contractor Business -
  12. Underwater & Marine Photographers Business -
  13. Underwear Manufacturer -
  14. Underwear Retailer -
  15. Unemployment Insurance Consulting Business -
  16. Unfinished Furniture Business -
  17. Unfurnished Apartments Rental Business -
  18. Uniform Rental & Cleaning Service Business -
  19. Uniform Retail Business -
  20. Uniforms & Accessories Wholesaler -
  21. Uninterruptible Power Supplier -
  22. Union & Labor Organization -
  23. Universal Joints Business -
  24. Unlicensed Nurses Business -
  25. Upholsterers' Equipment & Supplies Retailer -
  26. Upholstery Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Retailer -
  27. Upholstery Fabrics Retailer -
  28. Urban & Regional Planners Business -
  29. Urgent Care Center -
  30. Urology Medical Practice -
  31. Urology Practice -
  32. Used & Rare CDs, Tapes, & Records Shop -
  33. Used & Rare Magazines Dealer -
  34. Used & Rebuilt Auto Parts Retailer -
  35. Used & Rebuilt Auto Parts Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  36. Used & Rebuilt Electric Motors Business -
  37. Used & Rebuilt Industrial Equipment Dealers Business -
  38. Used & Rebuilt Marine Equipment Business -
  39. Used & Rebuilt Motorcycle & Motor Scooter Parts Business -
  40. Used & Rebuilt Truck Equipment, Parts, & Accessories Business -
  41. Used & Recycled Computers Business -
  42. Used & Retreaded Tires Business -
  43. Used & Waste Oils Business -
  44. Used Appliances Business -
  45. Used Barrels & Drums Business -
  46. Used Baskets Business -
  47. Used Bicycle Shop -
  48. Used Boxes Business -
  49. Used Brick Dealers Business -
  50. Used Buses Business -
  51. Used Car Dealers Business -
  52. Used Carpets & Rugs Business -
  53. Used Cars Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -
  54. Used Clothing Store -
  55. Used Contractors' Equipment & Supplies Business -
  56. Used Electric Equipment Business -
  57. Used Farm Equipment & Supplies Business -
  58. Used Formal Wear Retail Business -
  59. Used Fur Dealers Business -
  60. Used Furniture Dealers Business -
  61. Used Infant Clothing Shop -
  62. Used Lawn Mowers Business -
  63. Used Lumber Business -
  64. Used Machine Tool Dealers Business -
  65. Used Major Appliances Business -
  66. Used Mobile Homes Business -
  67. Used Motorcycles & Motor Scooters Business - .
  68. Used Musical Instruments Business -
  69. Used Office Furniture & Equipment Business -
  70. Used Pianos Business -
  71. Used Pipes Business -
  72. Used Printing Equipment Business -
  73. Used Railroad Cars Business -
  74. Used Ranges & Ovens Business -
  75. Used Refrigerators & Freezers Business -
  76. Used Refrigerators & Freezers Commercial Business -
  77. Used Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Business -
  78. Used Restaurant Fixtures Business -
  79. Used RV Business -
  80. Used Safes & Vaults Business -
  81. Used Sewing Machines Business -
  82. Used Shoes Retail Business -
  83. Used Silverware Business -
  84. Used Small Appliances Business -
  85. Used Sporting Goods Business -
  86. Used Steel Business -
  87. Used Stereo Equipment Business -
  88. Used Television & Radio Dealership -
  89. Used Tools Business -
  90. Used Trailers Business -
  91. Used Trucks Business -
  92. Used Vacuum Cleaners Business -
  93. Used Washing Machines & Dryers Business -
  94. used, Rare, & Out of Print Books Business -
  95. Usher Services Business -
  96. Utilities Business -
  97. Utilities Contractors Business -
  98. Utility Location Services Business -
  99. Utility Trailer Dealership -
  100. Utility Trailers Wholesale & Manufacturers Business -

Want to escape the rat race? Start an accident law firm. It's an increasingly popular business…and for good reason.

We've gathered some helpful tips on what it takes to open an accident law firm.

Best Accident Law Firm Business Plans

If you're like most startup business owners, there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that's on your to-do list. Every task on your list is important, but writing a business plan is one of the things your accident law firm needs to do ASAP.

If time is scarce, business plan software can be used to streamline the process. A business plan software solution is an effective tool for time-strapped accident law firm owners who understand the importance of a great business plan.

Properly utilized, business plan software has the potential to transform your business plan from a throwaway business requirement to an integral strategic resource.

Consider the Competition

Long before you open an accident law firm in your area, it's worthwhile to find out what the competition looks like. Try our link below to get a list of local competitors in your city. After following the link, enter your city, state and zip code to get a list of accident law firms in your area.

Is the local market large enough to support another accident law firm? If not, you had better be sure that you are doing things much better than the competition.

Talk to People Who Are Already in the Business

As part of your due diligence on opening an accident law firm, it's a smart move to have a conversation with someone who is in the business. If you think owners of nearby accident law firms will give you advice, think again. What's in it for them?

On the other hand, an individual who has an accident law firm on the other side of the country may be more than happy to give you a few tips, after they realize you reside far away from them and won't be stealing their local customers. Many business owners are happy to give advice to new entrepreneurs If you are persistent, you can find a business mentor who is willing to help you out.

Where does one find an accident law firm entrepreneur who is willing to talk to you but doesn't live nearby?

Simple. Let your fingers do the walking by using the link below.

Competitive Benefits of Buying an Accident Law Firm

Pursuing an accident law firm acquisition can be an effective route to profitability for emerging entrepreneurs.

A business acquisition also provides the benefit of intangible assets like a brand identity. Although it may cost a little more to buy an established brand, the payoff will be greater market penetration, customer loyalty and resale value.

In a competitive market, the right acquisition can be leveraged to catapult your business into a market leadership position, even if you personally lack industry credentials.

Franchising May Be a Better Way to Go

As an entrepreneur, your chances becoming a successful entrepreneur are much greater when you join the ranks of franchisees instead of doing it all on your own.

Before you consider starting an accident law firm, you should check out whether purchasing a franchise might alleviate your startup process.

The link below gives you access to our franchise directory so you can see if there's a franchise opportunity for you. You might even find something that points you in a completely different direction.