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My Biggest Regret In Life So Far

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I am nearing the last steps of this cancer,”. We haven’t seen each other or spoken in nearly 10 years. She sent me a message on FaceBook just a few hours before remembering to tell me this. “You

Stop Saying Yes

When I was in 13, I was obsessed with a late night TV show on channel 4, it was a very sexualised game show. Would pretend to be sleep, but watch the program, fascinated by the stories. Next morning at 7am alarm, I’d realise I

50 Places To Find Business Idea Inspiration

For many would-be entrepreneurs, the first step is the greatest hurdle: if you don’t find coming up with new business ideas a natural process, you’ll need to train yourself to think laterally. Coming up with ideas is the fun part of starting a business, though

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastery

Are you satisfied with your life? Do you go to work knowing you could do better? Knowing there are unique talents in you that could make you great, the best in the world? This post is about achieving mastery. But also why it’s ok to