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We help 100s of organisations  spot the next
wave of billion pound growth through
tracking trends and unlocking
innovation intelligence


By analysing global mega trends & identifying key innovative organisations. We carry out full due-diligence so you know the pace of the trends & courage to act in the window of opportunity.


Our aim to make you a market leader today & long-term future. With your on-demand access to innovation specialists, we help your team implement strategies with the focus on foresight.


Through the art & science of trend spotting, we help you prototype, test & build ground-breaking products/services/campaigns. With access to market space across 400+ global cities.

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Hunting the most innovative companies for our Quarterly Reports keeps us eager.  Individuals and organisations are changing the world at an epic pace, you can find many of them in our latest report here.

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We Create Authentic Futurists
Through Unlocking Creativity

We democratize the sharing of global market trends. So that any organisations can act to shape
the future by leveraging global hot and blind spots into their business strategy.

Giving you the ability to understand and lead the horizon of opportunities
in your industry and market space.

For more information, you can reach us at innovaion@mousuf.co.uk
Alternatively please leave your name, number and your query at +44(0) 2038 131 403.



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