Knowledge Series – Become at top 5% of the population

The logic of the double or triple threat

If you want to possess extraordinary skill, you have two paths:

  1. Become the best at one specific thing,
  2. Become extremely good (top 20%) at three or more things.

The first strategy is difficult to the point of near impossibility. Few people will ever invent the next Apple or make a platinum album.

The second strategy is fairly easy. Everyone has at least a few areas in which they could be in the top 20% with time and effort.

Documenting the progress:

I have been documenting the learning progress in a manual form which most people can use as a starting point. In my articles, I will talk about the implementation of the skills below.

Primary skill:

  1. Research and development of advanced STEM products/services. [Link]
  2. Computer science - in progress

Secondary skills:

These are not the best-written guide in the world, not even the most well written, however, it is a manual with time, effort and initiative it takes to  build up a skill. Feel free to contact me regarding the below.

  1. Venture capital industry manual [Link]
  2. Robotics in the construction manual [Link]
  3. Storytelling manual - in progress [LINK]
  4. Complex sales manual - in progress [LINK]
  5. Industry innovation trends across the global marketplace - website [LINK]
  6. Built a network of 170,000+ diverse entrepreneurs - website [LINK]


It’s this combination that makes what I do so rare And when you add in my business background and strong multi-cultural understanding, suddenly I had a perspective that few individuals in the world that could hope to understand without spending years building it.


Next Skills I aim to build

  1. Quantum computing - Started May 2019 (90% of the population)
    The next frontier of technology, studying at City, University of London, this will be my focus for 2018-2022.


You make yourself rare by combining two or more “pretty goods” skills until no one else has your mix. If you have any further questions on the manuals above, I will be happy to help where I can.