Getting that Venture Capital – Knowledge Series

Getting that Venture Capital is my conclusion of industry research, allowing the reader to gain knowledge on venture capital which is possessed by the top 20% of the population and is part of the Knowledge Series.

This book will be regularly updated to reflect industry change.

How to read this book
If going chapter by chapter and want to quickly finish… This will be a long read! I believe that you should implement what you learn, rather than try to collect information for “just in
case” situation.

My hope is that you will go through the following chapters that relate to your current situation and will accumulate the information and implement in your daily practice.

1 - History and Present [PDF] - 2.1mb

History and Present
Private Equity
Understanding the 3 boom and bust cycle
The First Boom and Busts Cycle (1982-1992)
The Second Boom and Busts Cycle (1992-2002)
The Third Boom and Busts Cycle (2003-2007)
Present day in private equity
Global Deals
Pace Of Dealmaking
Private equity are betting big on software
Moving towards future trends
Technological disruption and private equity
Private Equity Has a Crush on Tech
Twelve Key Emerging Technologies in the coming decade
In the crosshairs: As a tech company, reinvent themselves through private equity firms
Moving forward in the world of capital
What CFOs said needs to happen to be competitive in the future

2 - The global activity of venture capital [PDF] - 2.9mb

The global state of capital and funding
The globe in a graphs
VC invested & volume diverge even further
By sector
Top 10 deals in the 4th quarter of 2017
United States

3 - Types of funding [PDF] - 1.7mb

Types of funding
Type funding
Speech by SEC Staff: The Future of Securities Regulation
Looking at the trends of the deals at different stages

4 – Roles and Structure of VC firm [PDF] - 0.6mb

VC – Role and Structure of a VC firm
Venture Capital organisation structure
Private Equity fund structure

5 - Raising VC capital and the how to [PDF] - 1.8mb

Raising Investment
What VCs look for?
Understand the VCs
What do the venture capital firm look for in an entrepreneur
 Warm Introductions
 What stage should you contact a VC firm
 Size of the VC fund
 Ask questions of VCs
 Stage the firm invests in
 Do not downplay the risks
 Mutual due diligence
 Top 3 things to do at a pitch
 Partners meeting
 What tangible things will VCs measure you on?
 Post meeting
 VCs collude
More due diligence
 Term sheets
 Control
 Managing Expectations
Diving to understand the value of ‘promote’
Pitch deck & Investors deck
Use of language in a pitch deck. The impact of corporate venture capitalists’ investment
motivation on startup valuation
Strategic motivation.
Financial motivation
Analytic motivation
Unfocused motivation
Words to use
Strategic deductive (68 words)
Strategic inductive (23 words)
Financial deductive (79 words)
Financial inductive (7 words)
101 Questions that investors like to ask
Part I: Why?
Part II: Target Market
Part III: Problem
Part IV: Solution
Part V: Market Analysis & Opportunity
Part VI: Unique Selling Proposition
Part VII: Sales and Marketing Plan
Part VIII: Business Model
Part IX: Traction - Customers, Partners & Media
Part X: Competitor Analysis
Part XI: Intellectual Property
Part XII: Team - Founders & Executives
Part XIII: Team - Advisors & Investors
Part XIV: Funding - Timing & Timeline
Part XV: Financials - Historic & Projection
Part XVI: Key Risks & Mitigation Strategies
Part XVII: Ask, Offer, Use of Funds & Exit Strategy
Private Investment Securities Filing Requirements
Full Disclosure: Private Placement Memorandums (PPM).
State and Federal Securities Filing (including “Blue Sky Laws”)
Venture Capital Term Sheets
What Happens If A Private Company Doesn’t Register?
Due diligence and check list
Understanding the structure of a term sheet.
The Evolution of the Term Sheet
The Structure of a Typical Term Sheet
What Should Both Parties Be Looking Out For?
Do you need Venture Capital?
 Statistically, you will fail
 There is a timeframe for ROI
 You can take too much funding
 Unfulfilled promises
 You can't fire your VC
 Taking VC can shift your focus away from your initial idea
Venture Capital scams

6 - Working in a VC firm [PDF] - 0.7mb

Working in a VC firm
Some key skills and expectation of an investment team
Pitfalls of working in a VC firm
Common interview questions

7 - Problems with in the VC industry [PDF] - 1.9mb

Problems with in the VC industry
VC needs an upgrade
Example of a transparent venture capital investment process
Racial and Gender Equality
Sexism and harassment
Dataset of investors

Venture Capital Glossary [PDF] - 0.8mb

Research Reference Links [PDF] - 0.5mb