Robotics In The Construction Industry – Knowledge Series

Robotics in the construction industry is my conclusion year and half of this area of research and is part of the Knowledge Series.

This book will be regularly updated to reflect industry change in the coming years.

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GDN Intelligence focuses on providing the application of cutting-edge science, engineering and mathematics for companies who are falling behind on the ever-changing technology within their sector.

We specialise in computing hardware and software engineering and we are currently working with customers within the construction industry who understand that 70% of those not adopting digital will go out of business and believe that research and development of robotics is critical to not only keeping skin in the game but essential to being a leader.

Within this document, you will find a collection of research materials we have collected and put together. We hope to have provided you will enough information to learn about the ever-increasing implementation of technology within the construction and detailed outlook on robotics.


How to read this research manual

This is not a book.

It is a manual specifically structured for ConTech beginners to intermediates. I would recommend looking at the contents page and clicking to the chapter that is of your interest….


Become advanced in understanding robotics from the construction industry

…however, if you are in the construction industry and want to get several footsteps ahead, I would highly recommend going through each page and following each link on the footnote articles and books, select the area of interest from each of the article and go through further reading materials from blogs, books and research papers.

This manual contains 24,564 words with an average reading time of 3 hours and 9 minutes + initial additional reading materials average reading time of 30 hours.

ConTech is slowly taking of and we will see it pick up pace in the coming 12-24 months and it is an industry that requires much more technology transformation decision makers. It is not hard to start your journey towards that today.

We have included maybe 5% of the information we have gathered over the years of being a continuous student to ever evolving technology. Therefore, with an average study time of 33 hours, enrolling to educate yourself on ConTech will set you apart from competitors in a matter of weeks.


Robotics In The Construction Industry

How to read this research manual
Become advanced in understanding robotics from the construction industry


The history of construction industry

Neolithic construction
Neolithic Tools
Copper Age and Bronze Age construction
Iron Age construction
Ancient Meso’potamia
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greeks
Roman Empire
Middle ages
Technical advances
The seventeenth century
Materials and tools
The eighteenth century
The nineteenth century: Industrial Revolution
The twentieth century
Academic discipline
Early writers
Nineteenth-century studies
The early twentieth century studies
The late twentieth century

New technology in construction

First, the challenges in construction industry
Environment, sustainability and governance.
Delivery model & regulatory environment
Ageing infrastructure
Skills & talent
Interfaces and supply chain
Health and safety
Climate change
The technologies that solve these challenges
Software & Mobile Apps
Offsite Construction
AI & Machine Learning
Big Data and IoT
Robotics + AI
3D Printing
Safety & Training
Predictive Analytics
Augmented & Virtual Reality
Laser Scanning
Site Sensors
Labour Shortages
Autonomous Heavy Equipment
Mobile Technology

Robotics in Construction

Why are construction robots only now realising commercial potential?
Equation for economic feasibility of robotic implementation at a company
Types of construction robots
Construction robots, specific details
Research and Results: Robotic Technologies
1 – Demolition Robots
2 – 3D Printing and Contour Crafting
3 – Drones
4 – Bricklaying Robots
5 – Welding Robots
6 – Exoskeletons
7 – Forklift Robots
8 – Roadwork Robots
9 – Future Technology: Humanoids
10 – Researcher Ranking Analysis
Protecting workforce with upskilling in tech era
Robots are ready to work
Pay attention to robotics within this industry
Timeline to Commercial Availability
Timeline analysis
Case studies
Robot that could build Zaha Hadid Architects’ next project
Robot that carries out site inspections
Risk and cost benefit analysis
Risk analysis
Cost benefit analysis
Final result of construction technology research

ConTech industry landscape

ConTech Focused Companies

Venture Capital in ConTech

ConTech capital insight
ConTech innovation sectors
Collaboration software
Off-site construction
Big data and artificial intelligence
Top startups and investors
Top startups by total funding
Most active Construction Technology investors
Number of Construction Technology startups in portfolio
Top 5 investors
VC & ConTech movement


Where construction meets advanced technology research and development
1 – Incremental
2 – Transformational
3 – Disruptive
Who can bring the change?


Research source
Robotics and construction research
The tech and construction industery
Who is who- ConTech
Robotics in Construction
Who is who in contech
Additional reading
VC funding ConTech
List of questions on technology survey
United Kingdom Construction Industry:
Societal Implications:
Construction Process:
Questions for each technology researched: