In the form of 10/15 lines, sharing insights on topics that peak my belief. Including personal experiments, the methods and occasional essays on:

  • Developing deep technology for the 4th industrial revolution, and
  • Personal development experiments that work for me.


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About me in 10 seconds

I am a serial entrepreneur, consistently challenging industries set in their old ways. Always trying to keep busy through 4/6 projects at any given time.

What am I doing right now?

1: Challenging the established consulting industry’s way of operating and thinking with the anomalous GDN Intelligence and our progressive partners.

2: Private and venture capital for technology companies & property development.

2: Creation of 25 Young and 25 Senior Global Leaders program to tackle United Nations’ 17 SDG Goals 2030 at GYAEN.

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My E-publication

TABOO Startup Failure Post-Mortem [PDF]
Art of innovation - Easy 10 steps [PDF]
Facebook: The principles Facebook used to grow to 1.5+ billion users [PDF]
Art and Science of Trend Spotting [PDF]

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Research Papers

South Asian businesses in retreat [PDF]
Aspiration in self-employment  [PDF]
Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility  [PDF]
Asians in the UK - gender, generations and enterprise [PDF]

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