Argh…. Why even bother??

It's Monday 27th 2016 - 13.25.

No sleep since Saturday. I can't carry on. What the hell am I doing?? I got so much to do. Why bother changing the world.

This is me moaning about my sorrows. Apparently bad, sex and violence sells. So this is NOT A HAPPY SELF-HELP POST. I don't get self-helpers. Most people cry inside, how can they help others.

I am down. 7 am I spoke to my friend in Canada, I made her smile. I felt happy. My insides woke up. That smile was my caffeine.It reminded me of what works for James Altucher. I stole his manifest. It wasn't like he was helping me. He was telling me what worked for him.

Trying it myself.

It worked for me.

It allowed me to remember why I set my path to changing the world. It helps me everyday to not lose my interest. It keeps me going.

Thanks James. This has allowed me to make others smile. My caffeine.

– Do things that will make me laugh. Do things that will make others laugh. Laughter is the one key to long, quality life.

– Treat everyone as if they are going to die tomorrow. My sweet baby.

– Spend time with people who love me and who I love. Your family might change every day.

– Give everything inside of you away. Else your life gets constipated.

– Keep my word. That’s the one thing you don’t give away lightly. Keep it.

– Spend time with people who I will learn things from (and hopefully vice-versa). They were sent to you for a reason. You’re never going to know the reason.

– Books are virtual mentors. Read a lot.

– Move. Then move again.

– It’s ok to be average if you are a good person. In most things, I’m average or below average. I’m average at following this manifesto. It’s hard to be average.

– Follow your curiosity. That means something different for each person, and for each day. Today I was curious about underwear with pockets and how many albums Pink Floyd sold on “Dark Side of the Moon”. No reason.

– I try to eat well. I see too many older people in pain because of poor eating decisions when they were younger.

– It’s none of my business what people think of me. Someone recently called me “hateful” and then lectured me on the benefits of polygamy. Hey man, we’re all brothers. Life’s too short to waste time not laughing at the joke.

– I try not to need permission for anything. Once I ask, I just let someone else build my ceiling, blocking me from the stars.

– One way to choose yourself is to help the person around you who needs the most help today. Do it without expectation and then you exceed all expectations.

– When I depend on others to choose my path, I know that I won’t be as happy as when I choose my path.

– There are many layers to choosing yourself. So treat yourself gently when you think you messed up. I messed up on something recently. It feels bad. I have to wait it out and be gentle to myself.

– Find new things to be grateful for.

– Listen. You can’t learn if you are talking.

– Listen more if someone is in pain. Don’t solve. Just listen.

– Worrying doesn’t solve tomorrow’s problems and only takes away energy from today. And regret is a black hole of nothing.

– Splitting an atom releases 1,000,0000x more energy than smashing a table. I try to celebrate always the smallest of successes. A kiss is a small success. And it splits an emotional atom.

– For every night, there is a day

– I take real delight in people who have stories to tell me. Particularly if the story has pictures.

– Every day I try to get out of my comfort zone at least once. This helps me feel connected to people. I’m grateful for the people who teach me new ways to get out of my comfort zone.

– I try to be creative. But selfishly. Because it makes my brain go on fire and have comic book powers.

– Before, during, or after, I say, do, or think something, I try not to hurt anyone. “After” is just as important as “Before” and “During”.

– When I am feeling low, rest. When I’m feeling high, do my best.

– The best predictor of a good tomorrow, is a good today.

– Honesty, Humor, Health, Help.


Post finished at 13.36.

Only around 10 minutes to tick of another of my manifest. TIme to go back to changing the world.

Let me be a super-hero or stay awake long enough to see myself turn in to a villain.

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