Database For All Awards

Always, I have always, loathed those who hide award websites.
Absolutely, made no clear sense as to why this happens.
Are you afraid of competition, those you face every day?

Maybe it's just because some are just conventionally that way.
Frustrating it is that, many don't share opportunities which exist.
Open windows, allow those around you to overcome and achieve.

Giving someone the key shouldn't be kept secret, should it?

With the challenge accepted, I decided to solve this problem,
I didn't believe that I could, by myself, change everyone.
Deciding to go the full mile of creating award database.

Knowing it's a towering task, I asked myself the following:
"How would the process look like if it was easy?"
Calling up several award hosts and nomination writers one afternoon,

I give you the company: "Boost", the global awards database author.

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