Gandhi’s letter to Hitler – read by Clarke Peters


No matter who you are and who you want to share your ideas with. The is a beauty of language. By learning to use language beautifully, can we make our belief reality and true.

These 2 men are on the other end of scale. Yet one reached out to the other with his hand in friendship.

We have much to learn from historic figure before we can carve ourself in to the coming timeline of history.

Written just one month before the German invasion of Poland, the letter never reached its intended recipient.


2 thoughts on “Gandhi’s letter to Hitler – read by Clarke Peters

  1. Fiona

    I never knew this happened. i truly wonder what would have happened if Hitler did read this letter. Would it have stopped him, i doubt it but would it have angered him? Could it have influenced him to meet Ghandi.

    A great "what if" moment of history in my opinion.


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