My idea of romance: 4 page document on 7 ways to cheer herself up!

I saved an angel. I knew her a long time ago. How?? well this is the 4 page word document that I had sent her.....

Oh my god... (who sent her as an angel to me)... I know why she ran away from me. I sent her a 4 page document to try help her.....romantic.

Well, may be if she read the 4 page document, she would have stopped being miserable and probably still would have been with me. I told her she had 7 ways to free herself. Maybe I should have just taken her out like most people would have.

So for my tweedy, this is what I had sent her....The irony was, I had to use these 7 ideas to free myself from her.

7 Ways to free yourself today!

Today in my life, I met a guy from Philippines, who found … accidently, to have discovered an unsolved murder.

I went to sleep at 6am and woke up at 2pm and now it’s 22.47pm. I met him at 3pm. Shit. I wasn’t expecting that.

He was in an accident in 1985. It lead him having no memory to hold longer then 12.7 seconds, on average. Not remembering his experience he held with his family and kids. The everyday blessings. He missed.

In 1995. He was in a minor accident….well he slipped over and took a drop from 1st floor roof! He went in to a coma.

At the time when he woke up. Every day of the past decade. Every moment. Which his eyes witnessed but memory didn’t signal the experience after 12.7 seconds….flooded to him!

Every moment of the day of the past decade his eyes witnessed. It’s as tho it has waited in his unconscious, every moment of every day. From the moment of getting up to every time he encountered.

Well anyways. He witnessed his doctor, murdering someone in 1987, in front of him. 1998 his doctor was arrested.

I was more interested with how he lives with his….a curse! Remembering every time someone has hurt you. Upset you. Id have murdered quite a few people if those memories were scratched in to my mind.

His answer: Forgetting a problem is of equal to living in a forest of warm and comfort, yet never stepping outside of it as it may be harmful!

I found that analogy rubbish. Until I entered my own forest only to live in there and let a part of me die, rather than embracing reality.

SO here are my 7 ways of how to embrace reality and freeing yourself to your own life.

1: Listing 3 things you are grateful for everyday

Everyday he embraced beauty and he wishes to write a book one day.

A book that just lists dates of the full decade and list 3 things of beauty most people ignore. Things that make your life better. Here are 3 of my things 😀

1: Having someone to chat to till 6am.
2: Having a bed to wake up to everyday and afternoons
3: Being able to forget!

I been doing this for past year…on and off. But I promise you will mind little sparks of fire that ignite your life and light you up like an angel you are destined to be.

2: Change your routine

There is nothing better then changing your life around everyday. No one wants to have sex in one position for rest of our life. Your life is one big orgy. Mix about your routine. Take a different route to work. Rather then greeting everyone with “Hello” learn Japanese and say “Kintama” to your boss in the morning. By the way. That means “Testicles”.

3: Ask yourself the right questions

Get a pen and paper. Take 15 minutes and go through this.

Find the right question to view your problems from a different perspective!

First highlight your problem, list 10 options you have in dealing with this? Pick two of them of opposite.

Now ask yourself of these 2 options:

1: What is the worst that could happen? Think of yourself and those around you, friends and family. How will it effect them.  Rate them from 0 to 5 – 0 being least likely and 5 being most likely to happen. Are they long term of short term problem? Most of the times, these fears can be least likely to happen and if they do, it is short-term!

2: What could you do to repair these damages? You will realise that most damages are easily repairable. This of clear things you can do to repair them.

3: Now the right question many ignore, what are the benefits of taking this option? We are born negative. Those who are free, know how to love theirself. Love yourself and let yourself see clear picture of what benefits will make you free.

4: What are you putting off out of fear?  Fear is the frozen grip of all actions you want to take but can’t. Finding what you fear, you embrace reality.

5: What is it costing you by not taking these option? Think emotionally, physically and mentally. Loving yourself, requires you to understand to know what you want and need.

6: What are you waiting for? Don’t get hit by a car tomorrow to lose your memory and then regain all your memory a decade late and regret your life. Might be too late baby.

4: Write down how you feel

Our emotion is at constant Civil War within yourself. Writing down all your issues and problem is freeing the crushing weight of worries. Write down the exact feeling you are going through. Don’t be that guy


Any reason to put my cute tweedy here!


Coz you a gangstaa 😛

5: List those around you who make you happy

Spend more time with them. List those who make your life misery! Cut them out. Completely!

If not on a talking terms, make up for it. Don’t let pride stop a moments of happiness. Just not worth it!


6: Help Other. Show Gratitude!  And don’t expect anything in return

Only that way can you be truly happy.

Expecting something will only result in disappointment! Therefore, go out your way to help someone.

Make others smile today. By doing the small things. It will make you feel better. And when someone does return the favour. You know they are doing it out of genuine warm heart and not as a favour for favour.

7: How were you when you were last happy?

In all research. Conducted by Dr Chowdhury (or stolen from another book) it’s clear! There are 4 principles in our life that will conduct or happiness. Remember when you were happy and think of how the 4 below were present in your life, and how you can replicate them.

Physical: When we are happily confident! You need your body to be well and health to be up and running to give yourself the chance to be confident. If you are ill, most people look like zombies or mental!

Don’t have to go to gym. Take a walk for 20 minutes. Dance in you sexy hot pants in your room. Or slap a stranger and runaway as fast as you can for 1 minute!

Mental: Your mental state gives you motivation to do everything! Don’t give yourself up and store up problems. Do things you enjoy. Treat yourself Learn something new!

Write down 10 ideas that you would love to do (big or very small, such as eating a fredo bar) for the coming week. And do it!

Emotional: Free yourself, but everyday, loving yourself, emotionally as well as physically. Spend time with those who you love and want to see you happy.

Spiritually: This is a tricky one! Most people think of just religious! Well that’s not just the case. You need to give yourself time to reflect on your life. This could be from praying to listening to relaxing music where you just close your eyes and think of everything you need of.

Look to improve your life by 1% everyday till you reach 100%. To stand tall when your fallen on the floor. You first have gain your strength to first get on your knees and then courage to stand up against the wind and then straight and tall.

You have more strength then you know. Give yourself some time and try some of these out. Specially 3, 4 and 7. I promise it will help one way or the other and let you see things very clearly 😀 😀 😀 xx

- go Mousuf! 25 and single....for a reason!

5 thoughts on “My idea of romance: 4 page document on 7 ways to cheer herself up!

  1. Emma

    There are lots of books out there that discretly focus on these 4 areas and those that don't are good reads. Been reading your book. Definitely falls in the good read section 🙂

  2. Arlene

    Personally, this would have been helpful from my other-half. I will make him read it. One for him, for future!


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