24 Hours With Mousuf, In 10 Points

10am — Get up and to the kitchen for catch-up with grandma. Make breakfast of bread, my favourite.  (I’m typing this at 1 am, as I do my best writing from 12 - 3 am)

10:30-12* — Idea generation for MFluence's customer journey.

12 noon — Make a cup of tea after going for 20 mins walk.

12:30 — Lunch, consisting of glutinous rice with chicken and veg broth (I have this almost every day.)

1-5pm* — Work time! Focusing on MFluence and GYAEN 90% in December. (Have Merlin TV series playing in the background.)

5pm* — Review GYAEN's 50 Young Global Leaders.

6pm — Spend time with family.

6:30-9pm — Go out for a walk, speak on the phone at the same time,

9-11pm — Shower, dinner and then catch up on Tv Series .

11-2am — Chill out and do whatever, probably reading for enjoyment or drinking catching up with team or friends. At home (phone) or out. Followed by sleep!

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