Become the…(..well right hand of the…)…Guru of Social Media in a short time

So I have decided to dive in the deep end of Social Media promotion and project. I didn't have a clue what I was doing last month. If you are in the same position as me...... I am going to share a small tip. Don't be afraid to get as much free information from companies that charge thousands of pounds/dollers for their service!

I know, I know...I said social media however, this work for any industry service you are looking for.

Most agencies are more helpful then you might think. I decided to DuckDuckGo (alternative to Google) search top social media agency in the world.....find out CEO.... research as much as I can on their companies past work (see portfolio - follow link and see what they have done), all their blog posts and flicked thorugh the book they have written! Okay, this takes around a week of studying...however, your are learning the  footsteps of a global leader in this field.... this research will teach you about social media strategy they provide in their service package....service costing £10,000 + per clients. This also allow to find a common ground of interest.

As you read all this - write down 10 or more points on how they can improve... more on this below!

Having done the above and learnt as much as possible, I decide to give them a call and ask one or two questions I may have, which I could not find in the research stage.

Here is a script and ask to speak to the CEO/Founder (if you are scared and have never done it before...expect first 3 calls to go as badly as possible! This I call the "OVERCOMING FEAR" stage.

Calling an individual who has so much audience, importance and well as calling someone down the road may be overwhelming.

Follow the above and the script below. It will make it 94% more likely for them to listen (over the past two years this above has allowed me to speak so some of the most well known CEO's around the globe - the one call I completely went CEO-struck was being on the line to Paul Allen - co-founder of Microsoft - He has a yacht called Octopus...we spoke about that :/ I struggled to mention anything else to him ;( - so prepare for failure - on a paper write down what you will ask if you struggle to ask anything...this maybe your only chance.... Paul never picked up any other calls of mine! )

This script, I picked up from Tim Ferris ( - this is a insert from his book "The Four Hour Work Week"

“Call at least one potential superstar mentor per day for three days. E-mail only after attempting a phone call. I recommend calling before 8:30 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. to reduce run-ins with secretaries and other gatekeepers.

Have a single question in mind, one that you have researched but have been unable to answer yourself. Shoot for ‘A’ players – CEOs, ultrasuccessful entrepreneurs, famous authors, etc. – and don’t aim low to make it less frightening.

Unknown answerer: This is Acme Inc. [or the ‘office of Mentor x’].

You: Hi, this is Tim Ferriss calling for John Grisham, please. [Said casually and with confidence, this alone will get you through surprisingly often. ‘I’d like to speak with Mr./Ms. X, please’ is a dead giveaway that you don’t know them. If you want to up the chances of getting through but risk looking foolish if they call the bluff, ask for the target mentor by first name only.]

Answerer: May I ask what this is regarding?

You: Sure. I know this might sound a bit odd [I use this type of lead-in whenever making off-the-wall requests. It softens it and makes the person curious enough to listen before spitting out an automatic ‘no’], but I’m a first-time author and just read his interview in ‘Time Out New York.’ [This answers the questions they’ll have in their head: ‘Who are you and why are you calling now?’ I like to be a ‘first-time’ something to play the sympathy card, and I find a recent media feature online to cite as the trigger for calling] I’m a longtime fan [I call people I’m familiar with. If you can’t call yourself a longtime fan, tell them that you have followed the mentor’s career or business exploits for a certain number of years] and have finally built up the courage to [Don’t pretend to be strong. Make it clear you’re nervous and they’ll lower their guard. I often do this even if I’m not nervous] call him for one specific piece of advice. It wouldn’t take more than two minutes of his wtime. Is there any way you can help me get through to him? [The wording here is critical. Ask them to ‘help’ you do something] I really, really appreciate whatever you can do.

Answer: Hmmm… Just a second. Let me see if he’s available. [two minutes later] Here you go. Good luck. [rings to another line]

John Grisham: John Grisham here.

You: Hi, Mr. Grisham. My name is Tim Ferriss. I know this might sound a bit odd, but I’m a first-time author and a longtime fan. I just read your interview in ‘Time Out New York’ and finally built up the courage to call. I have wanted to ask you for a special piece of advice for a long time and I shouldn’t take more than two minutes of your time. May I? [Just rework the gatekeeper paragraph for this, and don’t dillydally – get to the point quickly and ask for permission to pull the trigger]

John Grisham: Uh… OK. Go ahead, I have to be on a call in a few minutes.

You (at the very end of the call): Thank you so much for being so generous with your time. If I have the occasional tough question – very occasional – is there any chance I could keep in touch via e-email? [End the conversation by opening the door for future contact. Start with e-mail and let the mentoring relationship develop from there].”


Now that was the heart pounding moment over, the hard part begins, make sure you use the above advice!

I will be starting my Twitter campaign wit British Young Asian Entrepreneurs Association - if "I add you on Twitter....make sure you follow back!!" - advice from We Are Social (

However, always remember to  give something back for their help! This is not a taking attitude. If you use this attitude, then this is just a short term relationship!

From the 10 or more points you have written down on how they can improve...share it with them! Give something back.

I have to make a phone call to Peter Friedman at Live World - .... Let me know who you have spoke to. Lets build a super network.

(OH! By the way! Doing a blog post was another recommendation - content marketing and link to social media!)

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