Mousuf Zaman.C

I won't become an expert in space of 1-3 months,
At most, I can hope to become top 20%.
At least, be able to answer group audience till daybreak.
A simple desire to understand topics of my personal interest.

Let us take the topic artificial intelligence and machine learning.
How can I have a good grasp? How can I learn?
Topic dependency, it takes 30 hours, 3 weeks or 3 months.

Here is the process I have found to work best.

Feel the topic @Wikipedia, then click through the reference links.
Google: ["Topic Name" + PDF], look for whitepapers and industry reports.
My favourite source,, 1000s of academic research.

Watch and listen to videos/ podcasts uploaded to
Everything related to the topic, be it lectures or interviews.

Take few hours out to open multiple browser window,
Each window, search good and bad related to the topic.
Procrastinate by opening 30 or 40 tabs on each window.

This no doubt will strain you out at the start,
Yet you will figure out sites and curators to trust.

Through practice, you will with ease, grasp anxious intimidating topics.

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