Talking To 100 Strangers In 100 Days – What I Have Learnt

You weird-o, why you looking at me - she said. I was. I was going to say hello.

She was very pretty too. However my rules for the 100 days had strict guidelines on asking a pretty girl for their number. She missed being in this post I guess. Her loss.

That is how we are now! We think people to be a weirdo, freak of nature. If a stranger says must be for something to sell to me, or ask for my number (no thanks to strict guideline!) or something bad happened. However, we are happy to be on our phones when alone in the big bad world and get secretly pried on.

We are such losers. When on the Victoria Line on the London Underground, I felt awkward to even make an eye contact.... Realising something was wrong with our society, at that moment. I set my self a goal....


Oh boy, have I learnt a lot.

Number 1 thing I learnt, was, only one stranger said to me: You weird-o, why you looking at me!!? Everybody else's feeling was lesson number 2: Everyone desires human connection. Real human connection. That's how we have survived as human race. As long as they know you are safe to connect with.

This leads me to the guideline number 1 of speaking to strangers: "Don't approach a single walking girl (assuming you are a guy OR a girl) at middle of the night when standing next to an alleyway."

In fact, doing this project at the middle of the night is not safe. Stay at home. Watch an animation movie. Tangled. Sing along with for of those tracks. Get in touch with your inner kid-self.

All in all, being from Bangladesh. I realised that, 5 am coffee with 20 of your neighbours at the local coffee shop is very very normal daily activity.

Growing up in UK. I realised that. Waking up any of your neighbour at 5 am for a coffee will lead to a restriction order.

Everyone is very interesting. People in general are really smart. The 70 year old Charlotte from Birmingham - advised me on not to be a Diamond thief in Hatton Garden in the 1880's. Or you will have you have your ass handed to by gangsters like her Uncle had.

I will take her advice.

Jaime told me I should include a picture of a cute cat. Thanks Jaime.

Or you can be invited to a traditional Russian event in Worthing. Where I was the only Indian guy. They were super awesome and traditional Russian food, AMAZING.

The problem was, I was learning people were different. It was too different, then what I expected. Although I am ever more confident then I have ever been. Approaching people is no longer a problem.

The problem is, seeing the doubt and regret in people eyes when you meet those who are breathing the world's air for 5 - 9 decades!  Up to 40 years or more of doubt and regret in life??

Or am I afraid of meeting those from their 20's to their 50th birthday. Fearing what they maybe afraid of in their future. It all fell in to the category from the "5 top regrets of the dying".

1. I wish I have or had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I didn't or hadn't worked so hard.

3. I wish I have or had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish that I will or had stayed in touch with my true friends.

5. I wish that I will or had let myself be happier.

Life is simple when we let it be. The above 5 category included 78 people of the 100.

Okay 100 is a small sample however if we ignore these 100 individuals from all walks of life, I fear we will ignore what we desire the most in our life. Knowing this, I fear forgetting the next 100 strangers I speak to. Maybe I will find a part of myself with in one of those strangers.

Maybe #100Strangers can be a thing! (yes of course I would like my future 100 posts on each of the 100 individuals to go viral!).

Maybe I will ignore my strict guideline on not asking for numbers and follow category number 3 of expressing my feelings with courage.

So to the stranger who called me a weird-o. If you are reading this. Can I buy you a coffee?


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