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Full-time employees now can find time achieve their dream of becoming their
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to StartUp your business.

We assemble your dreams and ideas into a reality.

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Intensive #WeekendHack StartUp Enrolment

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You will have access to £2070.00 worth of the best resources available in the market.
20 hours of professional expertise and your own team of experienced designers.
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“No nonsense start-up course. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend #WeekendHack for any startups.”
“We engaged #WeekendHack to provide us with assistance in pushing us to achieve our dreams. We have always wanted to startup our business but never could find the time to plan it all out. It’s amazing how one weekend changed my life”


How we create your dreams

                             Enrol on the #WeekendHack

               2 week pre-course preparation

Intensive weekend

20 Hours


Friday Night Networking Drink

Meet the the group with whom you will be with over the weekend. 

Business Plan

Complete your full business planning that you have been putting off doing. 

Marketing and Sales Plan

Understand exactly who your customers are and the competition. 


We make it simple as you can never imagine. Understand and crunch your numbers! 

Brand Management

With your own graphic design team, create what you need to promote yourself and build a presence for your customers and clients.

Logo and Branding Design

Company Website
Business Cards
Social Media Management

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Savings Breakdown

Access to planning resources and Software (see Palo Alto Premium and
Marketing Planning at www.paloalto.com)

£260 savings

Average business StartUp consultant fee for 14 hours
£225.00 savings

Your own team of Graphics and Web Designers over the two days
£1700.00 savings


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